Allied races are boring and uninspired

I don’t think Edgar Allen Poe was discussing game rewards.

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Which makes sense from an existing player pov in terms of the quest. And they could have just skipped it with new players, because it isn’t relevant. They harm their own lore.

Don’t get me wrong. I accept it, I just think they could have done better.

For example they could have given an option to start in Valley of Trials or Northshire or a special 1-5 starting zone. The special zone would have had all the lore bits needed to understand the lore of these characters.

Oh no, he was, it was an unpublished work.

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Keep in mind that Allied Races are meant to be the hero class of races. They start at a higher level with some gear, a mount, a tabard and riding training. Partially because they have no starter zone, partially to make them a bit more special.

So here’s my proposal to not change any of that, but to make the unlocks suck less:

  1. Hit level 10 on a character of that faction
  2. Run the Allied Race unlock scenario
  3. Profit

This means a new player finished Exile’s Reach to get their mini tutorial and were taken on a tour of their city. So they should get a new quest that takes them to the embassy and allows them to get the reason for recruiting and then the scenario to run.

This also means no one is wasting their time leveling a character to 50 that they don’t want to play. They leveled a character to 10 already, which is the level that Allied Races begin at, which means they lost absolutely nothing and pick up where they left off. Also: in order to unlock DHs, the game wants you to have a character at level 10, so this follows the same pattern.

There. Problem solved.


Coming back, I already had the reps and most quests for Allied Races. I just did not have to group up for the dungeons.

I didn’t know that about Kul’tiran, though, so I went ahead and soloed “Siege of Boralus” at 55 to unlock them. This was because there was a stupid bug where, after you get the quest for the dungeon, you would have to drop it and then go see Jaina at Proudmore keep to get the option to drop the need to do the dungeon.

There were still a bunch of quests to do, though, expecially with Kul’tiran. Mechangnome was easier.

So I don’t think it was THAT much easier, really. I just am anti-social so did not originally want to do the “group up for dungeons” part. Just playing the game I had all the reps to exalted EONS before that.

Back in the day, I did do the one dungeon to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves. I especially did not really like that as the “tank”, other people were standing there and I was thinking “oh oh, I think I’m supposed to be the one going and attacking things…” But it turned out OK.

I don’t think it’s way easier now, except for people like me who don’t want to group up for a dungeon. I think any other things they did to make it easier are just because someone doing Shadowlands would not want to spend as much time on “old” Allied races.

Even so, if you really want them the questlines don’t take THAT long.

Can I interest you in Furbolg?

Look at the model section before you make your decision.


So more development time for players that can’t be bothered to do what others did. Makes perfect sense.

The unfinished Edgar’s Allied Poem

This one gets it. Finally, an educated man. This place is exhausting.

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Still, I don’t really begrudge people saving the time I spent unlocking those damned things.

We did the before. You needed to be 88 with another class before you could get a death knight, I think it was the same with Demon Hunter but I can’t remember/didnt apply to me because I had a ton of max characters.

The entire point is this is a sort of “prestige race”. You actually have to put some extra effort to unlock them.

Imagine effort, and if I don’t feel like putting in effort I just pull out another in an infinite supply of ‘no fun’ cards.

I love Nightborne, but they have a way to go. We still need unique animations.

Debbyfrowner was right.

Another dumb post from a person who never heard of Warcraft before WoW.

Kul Tirans are OG wow, not sure how they’re boring and uninspired. So are Zandalari and Mag’har.

Yea, sure, some of the others like LF or Nightborne are meh, or Dark Iron.

no offense, but so is this thread, lol.
Zandalari are hardly uninspired, lol

In some respects, I agree.

While I wouldn’t call them boring or uninspired, a few of the races only differing with customisations is a little awkward - it’d be really nice if every “separate race” had their own unique models and animations (a few of them do).

The “reskin” complaint is my only issue with them, though.

I meant the way they were implemented in the first place should have been different. The ‘work’, as you put it, should be done by the player in character creation/training tutorial (like valley of trials/northshire). This allows the player to play the race/allied race and have all the lore needed in the experience at the beginning. It should never have been tacked onto our existing characters, except perhaps as an optional quest/story.

The fat humans are reskinned tweaked Pandas.


Alliance could use more creativity in its races, but not in the way you’ve suggested. Unique twists on “pretty” or “human variant” races is the way to go IMHO since that’s ultimately what the masses want to play.

If Alliance got space-robot-vampire-octopi or whatever weird thing GD is asking for at the moment, five people would unlock the race and it’d be over.