Allied Race Unlocks Suck

Seriously, why? Why are we forced to go through literally the MOST ARCANE BS ever to try to stumble our way into unlocking these races? Void Elf? Lightforged? At least those are pretty straightforward, we can see the path that we are on and follow it to its completion. But how in the F do we unlock Mechagnomes? Seriously. I have spent 8 hours studying guides and not found any clear path to doing this. What is the secret, what do we have to do? It’s weird. Why did you develop this content you apparently didn’t want us to explore and use? Why are Kul Tirans locked behind a hundred hours of pointlessly repetitive gameplay?

Do you literally not want us to play this thing you’ve developed? I mean, seriously F that unlock chain. You’d have to be completely mental to complete it, and for what? A pretty okay race that’s pretty okay at some things? I mean, screw it. What’s the point? Be up front about them, tell us right there at their stupid little flag in our embassies that you’ve gated this stuff behind arcane and out of date questlines that are impossible to pick up, impossible to complete in a 1 to 60 run, unimportant to the current expansion, useless to our character growth, and apparently so embarrassing to you the devs that you don’t want us to ever see them.

OR, you could just provide a simple clear quest line that starts at the allied race flag and carries us through the final act of unlocking them, with no stupid side quests that do nothing for us, no outdated reputations to farm, no broken mechanics to navigate and level up. You know, something that looks at least half assed professional.

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I’m feeling this so hard rn, why wont this work :frowning: