Alliance Whitemane - <Descendants of Hope> New progression Guild!

Hello brave Heroes of the Alliance! The < Descendants of Hope > is an Alliance Guild on the Classic Era Whitemane PVP Server! We are 200+ accounts strong and finishing our progression raid roster. Raids are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays starting pull at 7PM server time! Our team currently needs :

High Priority :

  • 1-2 Holy Paladins
  • 1-2 Priests
  • 2 Resto Druids
  • 3-4 Mages (Frost/Arcane for progression)
  • 3-4 Rogues (Swords and Daggers)

Low Priority

  • 1-2 Hunters
  • 1-2 Fury Warriors
  • Alternate DPS classes

We do NOT run a Loot Council or a DKP / GDKP system! We use with 2 SRs in every raid! Raiders pick and choose what they want, but some items like mounts, Bags, Reputation items, Head/Heart, or Bindings are not allowed to be reserved as they are open roll to present Guild Raid members that can use the upgrade.

We are currently farming ZG, Onyxia, and AQ20 with Molten Core being the next raid in our sights!

We will move to BWL, AQ40, and Naxxramas later respectively. We are a Casual, Cozy, Community that is not going to rush through this game and its experience, and instead come together as many new players first time through the beautiful World of Warcraft. With returning players coming back home after a long hiatus and shaking off rust, and longtime players like myself who have been in love with everything since 2005 (well, almost everything). We are a very tight community that gladly welcomes new members with open arms, books, tea, and coffee ^.^

If this sounds like a good fit for you please contact us in game through a whisper, in game mail, or post on this topic and we will get to you ASAP! Our raider role is an opt in commitment and is never required by Guild members, but these players will be rewarded for the time and effort people put in. The more you come prepared and contribute to the guild is the more the Guild will assist YOU. Free consumeables, additional SRs, and more to pay back the hard working and loyal members of our community!

I am the US based Guild Master and Raid Leader of DoH. We have members online at all hours of the day from all around the world and our vibrant community does more than just raid. We have PVP Officers with events in the World like Winterspring and multi-queueing in BGs. We are also cooking up dueling tournaments, hide and seek, Guild movie nights, and humour that will make your best friend blush!

Please contact : Falcons, Bertis, Arthinen, Gamarin, or Yashimoro, and ask any questions that you may have! We use Discord daily and are online as much as we possibly can be :smiley:

Come and join us as the newest shining < Descendants of Hope >! We can’t wait to see you there and welcome you to your new Family! o7