Alliance, Whitemane - Aggrophobia - Recruiting for Raiding Roster

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  • Server: West Coast PvP (Whitemane)
  • Faction: Alliance
  • System: Loot Council
  • Raid Times: Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm (PST)

Who we are

Aggrophobia is a semi-hardcore raiding/PvP hybrid Alliance guild looking for engaged and adventurous players for Classic WoW. Our goal is to raid effectively, kill horde, have fun leveling and clear content efficiently while doing group content all the time. There will always be people online doing something fun whether not be dungeons or battlegrounds.

What we bring

We have a committed roster of 16 old school players and are looking to add more. We are in need of at least one more tank and plenty of everything else and we don’t discriminate based on your spec. (less viable specs will be limited to the most serious and committed players however). Our leadership is based around three friends who have played since 2004. Me a prot warrior, my best friend Calidar a Resto Druid, and my other good friend Erey, a Holy Paladin.

We are open to both veterans and new players, but experience is a bonus. Classic WoW raids were much less about technical skill and much, much more about commitment to time invested in gearing, consumables, etc. As such, missing raids early on in Classic will likely cause us to rarely invite you to new raids when they release.


Exceptional communication and consistency. If you can’t make it let us know.
Strong class knowledge
Knowledge of the game world
Passion/Dedication and enjoyment to not only the game, but the guild as well!

Currently open to exceptional players of every class! We have 3 hunters though so FYI to any hunter players out there.

We are a great group of people, If you are interested hit me up on my battle.tag and we can link up on discord :slight_smile:

Hi, added you in Bnet. hear from you soon.