Alliance Warmode

How the fk am i the only person for miles in wm. Literally im surrounded by nothing but horde. For the first time ever i had to turn off warmode. This issue is absurd. Fix this bull sht. At thos rate the games not even worth playing. You can have 500 horde players vs 5 ally. Get real.

I have had this occur to me as well, a while back during an assault in Vol’dun, but I was almost completely alone. No Horde or Alliance. I even /who a few times and it was either only me that showed up or maybe 4 others. Of course, this is a cross-realm issue as well. I am not sure you’re posting in the right forum for this. Realm forums are mostly just for the realm community, not to be actively monitored by potential relevant parties to scour for community feedback.

Why are you posting so much in italics?