Alliance war effort box is awful

Technically, it is a bucket of warm spit.


Literally how is that horde favored? It’s costumer satisfaction favored

Premades being broken up, doesn’t help one faction over the other lol

Greetings fellow alliance player.

Have you participated in your mandatory pvp quota for the day to serve the Horde? If not, please queue and lose to satisfy the chosen faction.

Thank you.


Doing the lords work

Wait, I thought this all was to get faster queues for Horde. Did I miss the reason this is happening?




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Just FYI


Sorry to break the narrative, but they don’t favor a faction, they favor changes that keep paying subscriptions. If alliance was the majority, it would be reversed.

Wut!? This is an outrage! I was expecting a dragonspine trophey a tier token and 400 Netherwing rep. SLAP IN THE FACE. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oh okay. They should change it back then and forget the whole thing.

I’m down.


Didn’t Kevin Jordan or one of the OG WoW devs say that all the dev team played Horde and only really metzen played alliance?

Pretty sure I heard that on one of those podcast before classic launched.


HvH change was specifically to help you, at the expense of the alliance. Period. You get to have your cake and eat it too. It addresses your problem (queue times), and amplifies the alliance’s problem (lack of players). You win, we lose. end of story.

Premades were the only sufferable way for us to farm honor. Our pugs are literal garbage. Once again, my gaming experience suffers so that yours can improve. and I think premades against pugs is a problem as well, but given the circumstances, the change specifically negatively impacts serious pvpers on the alliance. The changes were completely one sided, and the 2 cloth loot boxes are essentially a slap in the face.


Could probably give them 20g a box, a stack of mats, 100% increased honor gain and they’d still say it isn’t enough. Boosted honor, a little gold and some mats, just is nothing at all. :roll_eyes:

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Now that is a beyond pathetic response from blizzard, I know the optics are going to look horrible and seem incredibly favored to horde let’s give alliance trash loot.
God I am looking forward to Q4 at blizzard and the hammer coming down.

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Make it like retail boxes.

Give me a chance at a blue PVP honor piece from the box.


You def missed the point of my post.


We are posting on the forums of a 15 year old mmo rpg, we all lose here.

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It wasn’t at the expense of the alliance, it just made being horde less bad.

Honestly alliance whole argument seems to stem from “why would anyone play alliance, we are a bunch of awful players”

Like, you guys rip on yourself more than horde do

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They are trying all these dumb janky solutions when boosting honor gains would be a huge step.

I have 2 other level 70 characters I was planning on PvPing on in TBC, after doing the honor grind on my warrior at the start of the expansion (even as alliance it’s aids) I decided that I would rather just not play those characters in PvP because the honor grind as it is now is just a pure chore and not enjoyable in the least.

I thought maybe these boxes would reward some bonus honor and put the honor gains at a level that I would be able to stomach it and get the pvp gear I wanted on those characters, but all it’s done is increased my mag’har bread gained.

Long story short, this incentive sucks, all your crappy fixes are garbage you are better off increasing honor gains across the board to get increased alliance participation.


Alliance is still better at PvPing on the forums.


How many more bonuses do y’all need to just play the game? We only get to play… we don’t get the bonuses, y’all want the silver platter filled.


We all know that this data was complete BS. 70% of the teams playing that weekend were premades. Its just not particularly helpful when it is so horribly skewed.