Alliance. Time to Boycott AV

They could have released it early because a large bulk of the population blow through the leveling and MC quicker than they anticipated and wanted to release some new content early rather than having a significant amount of players just stop subbing until the BGs were released on schedule.

There were many YouTube and streamers there were already complaining about not having things to do now that they had gotten MC on farm mode. It would not be the first time something like this has happened.

They are literally SUPPOSED to.
Capture Everything, Defend Everything and Kill ALL bosses and any enemy object that gets in your way is literally the whole object of AV.

Hurry up and win in 7 minutes or less is not the design objective.


Lol, this much more accurately reflects your own nonsense.

Same way they cry if pvp happens in a world pvp event :rofl:

It’s actually my fault guys and I apologize. I played horde back in the day. Primarily played horde for all of my wow time. During this time, Alliance won most AVs I would participate in because horde would not turtle. The few games we did stop them at Galv we would eventually win.

This time around I’m playing Alliance to get a different experience. I was looking forward to easy 80% win rate in AV. How funny life is.


Blizz response.

Hi All,

I wanted to take a moment to provide some clarification around what changed in 1.13.3 with Reckoning. There were several systemic issues with extra attack procs behaving incorrectly, which we fixed in the patch. A secondary effect of these fixes were two notable changes to Reckoning:

  1. Reckoning stacks are lost when you mount up.
  2. Reckoning stacks are lost when you initiate an auto-attack against a target and cancel it before it goes off.

However, both of these behaviors were correct behaviors in the 1.12 reference client and as such are considered bug fixes. Both of these issues have been added to the “Not A Bug” list.

You know there was multiple changes to rek in vanilla - players wanting earlier broken versions of it - the only way they could do this was to exploit it in classic so it was fixed.

Just as long as we can premade too. Oh we can’t? Nice try buddy.

You and everyone else can stop being bad at AV and win.

Wow really? Believe blizzard when they Tell the truth so much…
hmm sure whish we had something to pull up patches notes from then.

Oh wait we do.

I am not allowed to link but it only takes any to google patches notes for vanilla. Located in archives



Had to break link because not allowed to post it.

I cant make your link work - what patch are you trying to get me to look at?

Here, just pick a patch

Even better - ill use the exact data that was used to try and defend this exploit of starting and stopping your auto attack - i can post links.

Reckoning Bombs:
Reckoning bombs are what makes the difference between a “pretty good” talent, and an outstanding one. The term “Reckoning Bomb” is used to denote the instantaneous consecutive swings granted when a Paladin has “Reckoning Charges” saved. Here’s how that works:

The first and most important condition of a Reckoning bomb is the Paladin MUST HAVE HIS AUTOATTACK DISABLED. Do this by using “t” to toggle it on and off, or just leftclick anywhere on the screen. - you couldnt start and stop your attack - you needed to have it off completly to allow it to stack.

Why didn’t my Reckoning bomb go off?
The following things can cause you to drop your charges:

  • Ending a Duel
  • Mounting up (including gryphons)
  • Autoattacking too early (e.g. from out of range)
  • Switching Continents
  • Switching Weapons
  • Losing control of your character (Fear, Scattershot, Blind, Polymorph, Mind Control, etc.)

The next order of business is to get critted. Just standing there is a perfectly good way to do this, but this step will vary greatly by situation.

The last thing to do is to enable autoattack, by right-clicking or pressing “t”, or your attack button. Done properly, you will attack the enemy multiple times in the space of a second, hopefully creating a significant dent in his life.

The max amount of bonus attacks you can get through Reckoning is 4.

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Where am I crying about a PvP racial? I literally repeated that I didn’t understand how someone could act high and mighty about winning something when they have an inherent advantage in the situation. How is that crying?

If anything I pity the horde for it. They love PvP and can’t really claim credit for any of their accomplishments unless they were completely shameless.

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Every patch in Vanilla.

Then move to tbc to see when actually changed.

Did you even read what i linked about the inner workings of reck? Clearly how it was working in that vid is completly different from that description.

Stop making excuses for players wanting to exploit the game.

#nochanges to some actually means ‘we want exploits and we dont want them to be fixed’

How that guy was using it was auto attack, stop auto attack, auto attack,
So, every time he gotten critted it would give him reckoning with out using.

That was vanilla. Mount never took off reckoning or nobody would be able to one shot the world boss or any other thing blizzard stated.

Reckoning you get it when you get critted by enemy. To not use it to let it stack max of 5.

The changes:
Think about it if you stop attacking it removes it.
If you auto attack it uses it.
If you played legit it would never get to 5.
Unless stunned or you run away but not to far or it falls off.

How blizzard made it now is more broken. Than ever before. Talent should be 1 reckoning now and hope u get more or additional swing.

It would be like hey rogues everytime you get cc your combo points fall off, switch weapon, stop auto attacking, going to far, or mount.

Yes it did. The vids you seen of mounted rek attacks on players were when the paladin gained the charges while mounted. If you mounted after gaining stacks you lost them.

It *never gave an additional swing - it reduced your current swing to instant

You are talking about the earlier version of rek - this was hotfixed the day after it happened (by adding the cap of 4 attacks).

You missunderstand how it works - clearly.

Im done ewxplaining it to you outside of leaving the comment - players in Classic were exploiting it.

You linked whatever I used it.

Had a response back but I did look at the patch notes only thing I noticed in Vanilla was change from any amount to 5 attacks for reckoning proc that’s it.

Do I know all the issues no but I see a lot of Paladin QQ about it.

In the video you linked I didn’t notice an exploit. Maybe when he got reckoning from the tank.

Everything else look legit.

How else do you get max stacks?

Do you run away? Let them crit you
Do let them stun crit you?

Or just auto attack which will proc reckoning which would be like an extra swing. Which it was never used like that most ppl stacked it to max and released it.

So, how is it fixed?
How do you get max stacks?

Some links you posted from pass issues. I used. I knew some were fixed but if used those to support you argument. I would do the same.

This actually came from Paladins complaints after so called fixes.

Reckoning stacks are not building if autoattack is not active.
Reckoning stacks are not building if current target is out of melee range.
Reckoning stacks are not building if attacked from behind.
Reckoning stacks are loss if target moves out of melee range.
Reckoning stacks are loss if autoattack is stopped.

To me that sounds broken.
I don’t play a Paladin really.
I don’t play a warrior but if blizzard said he warriors your rage goes to zero after blah blah or you don’t get rage from ppl attacking you from behind. Or whatever I would say something.

You say no changes but that’s a change.

You believe blizzard if you want but their past few years of the the truth is amazing. Or so called truth.

ehh idk they announced it like 10 days after pvp came out