(ALLIANCE) <The Goonies> Are recuiting for Main Raid Team

The Goonies are getting ready to take on BWL when it releases. We are recruiting more members to take this on. So far we have already downed MC and ONY. We continue to improve week after week making each run faster.

For the future, we are looking to build a strong raid composition made up of reliable players that are team focused. We are seeking Restoration Druids, Holy Paladins, Discipline (Power Infusion) Priests, Fury Warriors, Rogues, and Mages for consistent raid spots. Any other classes/specializations are still welcome to reach out to us but raid spots are competitive.

Our current raids times for Molten Core are Thursdays at 7 PM server time ; With a second raid day being set up for Friday if we need it. we’ve completed a full Molten Core in under 2 hours and we get faster every week. We do sign up sheets for Onyxia and kill Onyxia within 20 minutes of initial trash pulls.

Our upcoming goals include: building 2 20-man Onyxia groups out of the main 40-man raid, Clearing BWL shortly after the release of it. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please contact an officer from : Clicker, Roselillya, Flarenyx, Buckwheat, and Zeonusux. or Roselillya#0575 on discord