Alliance slayer query

I unlocked the alliance slayer back in bfa on my dk, in shadowlands I faction swapped and consequently lost the title and had to earn the horde slayer from scratch. I’m now considering faction swapping again back to horde, I was wondering if I do, will I get my alliance slayer title back or would I have to complete the achievement for a third time on the same character?

Cheers boys, I failed to find an answer to this on google so if anyone knows and can help I’d be grateful

The reason you lost it the first time when you switched to Alliance is because it’s a completely separate achievement. One requires you to kill Alliance while the other requires you to kill Horde.

When you race change back to Horde, you should have the achievement already completed from when you did it back when you were Horde originally and won’t need to complete it again.

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Cheers mate I thought this was how it worked but wanted to make sure first. Thanks for the reply :+1: