Alliance R Druid and H Pal LF Raid Team!

We’re looking for a casual raid team. I (paladin) don’t like M+ and Torghast but the druid does enjoy pretty much everything. We’re 10/10 normal and 9/10 heroic Nathria. Haven’t had a chance to get into the new raid as we just came back from a break (FF14 took our souls there for a bit lol) but we are working on gearing. He’s 276 and I’m 273.

I also have a 264 frost mage that I’m not too bad at, but I’ve only ever raided as a heal (I used to tank but that was back in WotLK and Cata) so DPS would be new to me. He has one of everything else, 240 ilvl or higher, and can work on gearing something (DH or Hunter) but is very, very partial to his druid. I’m partial to my paladin but I’m willing to take one for the team and swap to mage.

My Battlenet is Elysian#11104. My Discord is AuroraSedai#3503.