Alliance Player LF Home Guild

My Alliance characters on Fizzcrank are looking for a chill guild to call home, as I am a returning player and can sometimes use help with the finer points in Azeroth. The last I really played was during the middle of the MoP Xpac, so I have just been tinkering with some quests and dungeons since my return…(I am not geared for anything on my monk and so far that is my only max level character).

I have a monk at max level, with a Druid and Demon Hunter 2 and 3 levels below that (respectively). A Paladin which is coming up fast and a Warlock just as quickly. I PREFER to play dps roles, but am not opposed to learning how to tank on appropriate characters. I do sadly inform potential guilds that I do not have the patience or skill set for healing, and am not at this point inclined to want to learn. That may change in the future though, who knows?

What I am is pretty laid back and go with the flow. There are only two topics I absolutely refuse to discuss in public channels (I’m sure you can guess which, because they’re always hot button topics and they almost always start fights), and my bad language is pretty much on the light side, so I consider myself family friendly.

What I am looking for in a guild is helpful, friendly, active, LGBTQA Friendly, with Discord (no TS, no Vent). I’d prefer a mostly mature guild, but it’s not really a requirement.

I plan on leveling my Paladin (Yazmeenah) for the next week or so, so if you see me online feel free to drop me a whisper and ask questions. Or if you see this character online as well, drop me a line as I will be doing the same with her.

Thanks for the time!