(ALLIANCE) <Official> Looking for Hardcore Midnight Raiders for MC 1230-0330 Server Time

Hi All! My in-server name is Samoan a Vanilla Vet exp with MC-Naxx!

I know there is a lot of you who are in a similar situation as me that want to raid but can’t during the day due to real life… this post is for you!

I’m Looking for - dedicated 30-40 talented, skilled, and mature players to be a part of this RARE Midnight Core Raiding group. This run will be hosted by . Since it’s late night it’s not required to be part of the guild to join this Midnight Raid but are always welcome to join us as we are a community of 200+ active players. If you have a 2nd account an alt etc… it will be a MAIN in this group. Everyone would be respected and treated equally and that goes for loot too. The goal is to get geared and compete with all top guilds.

I don’t know if there is any other server that raids at midnight but we have a hell of an opportunity to show what we can do and to be recognized.

We are looking for ALL classes for MC raid! Raiding Days TBA
PST me - Samoan to add you to the list of you are interested. Skill Exp > Gear ( will come )

Thank you!

Midnight Core Raids it’s