ALLIANCE <Official> is hosting a LATE NIGHT PUG MC RAID SUN 1100pm-230AM. Starting January 26th 2020!

Do you want to raid and get geared but can’t due to work schedule, family life, missed your raid week, or even want to gear up your alt? Well this is for you!

Welcome everyone my in-game name is Samoan from the guild . I use to be horde hunter in vanilla with experience from MC-Naxx. I will be leading a LATE NIGHT raid and I’m looking for some talented players to join me! I am currently looking for 15-25 people who are talented and respectful who have experience with MC to get geared! There is no main over alt … whoever is in this raid is a main to me.

Raid time : Sunday January 26 11pm - 230AM

Spots available: All Classes at the moment

Loot: 1 Need Roll | Rest Greed Roll
(BOE items and mats that drop that are not TIER 1 wrist/belt will be donated to guild as we are the majority)
(Tier Wrist/Belt will start bid at 200g MUST EQUIP gold will be distributed evenly between the whole raid | if no one wants or can’t afford I will be selling it for the highest price I can get and distributing the gold evenly to all in the current raid)

Raid Leader: Samoan (Mage)

PST me in game with class/spec to sign you up and hold your spot! Please try to at least be ALMOST or in ALL Pre BiS gear to make the raid go smoothly.

FYI - As raid leader and the one giving this opportunity I am guaranteed at least 1 loot of my choosing, if you don’t like then GL finding something else. Don’t want anyone complaining in game.

Appreciate whoever is willing to join!

Let’s have fun and get geared!

any luck with the late night raids? did you transfer? your character is not found