[Alliance] Icecrown quest Help, please? Stuff is phased


So, I don’t know if this is the right forum to use for this, so I’ll understand if it gets moved. I’m on Moon Guard, and I think it makes sense for it to be on this one. Having said that, here goes. I’m not great at asking for help with things, so bear with me on that.

I’ve told people before that I’m playing a different game than they are. This includes doing quests. Vanaelia here, for example, is currently working on the Icecrown quests. I’m trying to get the loremaster achievement. It fits the character: She was there during the fall of Quel’thalas, and has some very strong feelings about the Scourge and Arthas and all of that in general. Thus, she’s the one who did everything in Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, and is working on Icecrown. Normally, that’s all well and good, but I’ve run into one (possibly two) walls.

I’m stuck on a quest, in other words. Specifically, The Rider of Blood. I might be similarly stuck on the follow-up, but that’s something I won’t know until I reach that point. (I’m tempted to think it won’t be an issue, as there are mechanics in that last one that support my “rogue bs”, but that’s just speculative.)

There are two things, though, that make this a bit tricky.

  1. Ideally, I’d be looking for someone in the level range to actually do this quest, which is like 65 - 80. It might sound like a tall ask, but it just doesn’t feel right to conclude this struggle against defining moments in her life with a single one-shot from an Azerite trait or corruption proc or whathaveyou. Now, normally, I’d just ask a friend or something to use that whole ‘Party Sync’ feature, and we’d be on about doing that. But then, there’s the other issue, which is that:
  2. This quest chain, as - much to my chagrin - I discovered, is phased. Which was absolutely hilarious, because this is not a short chain. It involves…oh, hell. Pretty much all of Icecrown. We’re talking about the establishment of both the Shadow Vault and Crusader’s Pinnacle. It might start with this quest, but even that might be after you’ve established a few things in Icecrown.

So. That brings us to the here and now, and what I guess I’m looking for. All of you “Loremasters of Northrend” out there? Those of you who have, at some point in the past, dealt with Rokir, Rider of the Unholy (he’s dead, shot him several times), Sapph, the Rider of Frost (she just couldn’t keep up, darling), and Baelok, Rider of Blood (this is a Vrykul Death Knight, so, yeah)? Dealt with Orbaz Bloodbane? I’m looking for you.

Or, specifically, I’m looking for anyone who has completed Icecrown: The Final Goal; or at the very least someone who has Malykriss, the Vile Hold completed.

The goal is to have someone who’s done those to group up with so we can take out Baelok. This would also be party synced, so your level would probably go down to 80, I think.

I know it might be a bit of a tall ask. I would be able to pay you for this quest, if you liked. 500? 1000 gold? I don’t know, we can talk. I can also make a couple of items for transmogrification that aren’t available anymore, like the Golden Scale Gauntlets.

If anyone is interested, I would appreciate you letting me know. Here in this thread, or in game via whisper, or even the mail. I very much need to wrap this up so I can work more on Vanaelia’s story, and get past level 70.

Far more importantly, I need access to the transmogrification items available post level 70. When it comes to appropriate attire, crafting these bespoke beauties is a labor of love…but I’m running a bit short on options. I mean, just look at the pants I had to settle with for this one.

Surely, that should move you.


[Edit: Update]

As an update, a very kind druid was able to help me do this the way it was meant to be done. We were able to two-man it, and it was genuinely difficult. The Rider of Blood was tricky, but he was balance with a restoration affinity. Going against Mr. Bloodbane, though, was brutal. It took several attempts, and this good druid even went guardian…which still didn’t help as much, as we were two-manning things, and Orbaz is just nasty. It was difficult, violent, and required a lot of creative applications of mechanics (it’s fun being faster than most people, and that void elf portal in conjunction with Sprint and Grappling Hook can buy you precious seconds to bandage), skill, and quite a bit of luck.

In other words, it was awesome.

But I will say that it would probably be a good idea for the developers to review their older quests like this. I don’t mind a challenge, but the amount of phasing and such makes it incredibly difficult and off-putting to do, and it makes it difficult to play with friends and other people. It was one thing when our end game involved daily jousting. But now, it just creates barriers to social play. Even in Party Sync, you can’t do this with people who haven’t done the entire Icecrown quest chain.

It’s my hope that with the revamp of the leveling experience, things like this get addressed. There is a lot of great bits of story, lore, and gameplay that players may miss because of how quickly we move through old content now, and that’s a shame. I would love to see a situation where people can just group up to do these quests regardless of which expansion they’re playing through.

Thank you to the people who wanted to help, even if you weren’t able to.

Have fun, everyone.