[Alliance] <Gin and Tonics> Seeking additional DPS, Dwarf Priest for Blackwing Lair

Gin and Tonics is looking to expand it’s memberships and invite new guild mates. We are a guild that will be focused on building a helpful and respectful community, with a focus on PVE content including raiding. We will have PVP teams as well, so if you are interested in non-raid content we can also be a guild for you.

We offer an organized raid environment with leadership that has extensive experience(Naxx 40 during original release, CE in all expansions).

We are not a hardcore guild or trying to pretend to be one, our goal as a guild is to develop an effective team in a non-toxic environment. We welcome all play styles and specs, so if you’re that cat druid looking for a home get in touch!

Raid Times:

If you can make any of our raid days, feel free to reach out to us. Our guild is understanding of real life schedules - we can find a spot for you in the raid even if you’re going to be showing up late, or leaving early. Our only expectation is clear communication so that we can plan and adjust as needed.

We will be raiding 40 man raids, 20 man raids, and Onyxia. Currently with 40 man raids and Onxyia(5 day reset) , no more than 2 raid days will need to be scheduled to clear the content. The 3 day scheduled listed will be in anticipation for when new “progression” raid tiers release.

Saturday : 6 pm server time(PST) - Used during progression nights, will eventually be scheduled for older raid content / alt runs as progression turns into farm.

Sunday : 6pm-9pm server time(PST) - 40 man progression nights
Monday : 6pm-9pm server time(PST) - 40 man progression nights

Current Needs:

We are looking for the following to join our crew:

Looking for DPS classes, and considering a Dwarf Priest of any spec.

If you are interested in finding a guild with active members who work as a team, feel free to whisper myself in game for more information or message me on my battle tag - Pelfa#1399

We are still looking for new members to fill our ranks. Find us in game and let us know you’re interested!


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We have a few more spots to fill, come check us out!


What are the raid times/days gonna be?

Happy Friday! Long weekend for some! Perfect time to inquire about raiding with Gin and Tonics - cheers!


To the top! Join us for MC and Ony this weekend. :egg:


Come join us in Molten Core and beyond!

Is the 3rd day listed the Monday? I’m interested but a bit unclear as to which 2 days you use for raiding.

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Hi! Still room warlocks and druids to round out our roster. Seriously druids, where are you? Everybody wants to keep you down, but we’re here for you! Find us in game so we can woo you!


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BWL is just around the corner. Secure your raid spot today!

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We are looking for the following to join our crew:

Considering select DPS classes(closed on mages, warriors, and hunters)

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Looking for 1 holy paladin and a few dps to finish off our roster. We only have 1 raid team and we don’t recruit for the bench. If you’re looking for a guild that intends to clear all classic content feel free to reach out.

We are still in search of a few more people while we get ready for BWL.

Happy New Year

Excited about BWL??? G&T is still looking for members! Please reach out for more information.

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What class is your third character to ninja the bindings this time?