Alliance Demands Paid Faction Changes

Why would we re-roll for a test that only lasts until reset on Tuesday? Seems kinda pointless since we likely wouldn’t even reach 70 before battlegrounds revert back to horde vs. alliance.

I play a mage so I’m already OP I preferred perception to wotf I’ve played both but when you have counter spell blink and 2 ice blocks I guess you don’t need more ways to break cc XD. Catching a rouge in stealth in mage rog mirror is pretty strong ><

Just reroll if you are unhappy. No need to pay blizzard a penny.


It was like this in the OG game or did you not play it?

And what makes you think that?

Because that’s what’s happening.

Then why are you alliance complaining so hard then

sure ill see you in wrath

Because everyone knows their “analysis” will lead to same faction battlegrounds and paid faction xfer.

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Because this shouldn’t even be a consideration when there are ways to deal with horde queues to improve faction imbalance and not make it worse.

There’s also the fact that some players actually hoped classic would be true to TBC, and this definitely isn’t.

But from. You you said it’s going to revert to go back to alliance v horde so I’m not seeing the problem anything can be a consideration to them

is this the OG game? Nope

It’s supposed to be a representation of it. Go back to retail.


blizz, you will make a sick amount of cash if you do this, just tell kotick and i am sure he will be on board.

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lol this is absolutely not even close to the original tbc experience. This is the 2.4 client. There have been soo many changes that blizzard even said this time around that its some changes.

You want pure classic? go back to vanilla classic.

If they test it and it doesn’t get implemented, it got horde hopes up for nothing and alliance worked up for no reason. It’s the worst possible way to deal with horde queues and yet this is what they chose to “test”?

This is for everything man crap happens

One of the funniest parts of this whole debacle was alliance were gloating the entire time about horde queues being insanely long. Now that there’s a proposed solution allies are saying they will quit.

I don’t know if this is a good change or terrible change honestly, but blizzard does things based on money making metrics so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock by now. Why else did they add boosting? For friends to come together? Perhaps it was more for money. The same reason they’re likely adding this change.


You could have had them all along

It’s not even about racials for me. Ally pvpers in general are terrible. My experience solo queueing im TBC so far has been a 20-30% win rate on any given day.

Free boost or transfer to horde so I can play without half a team of afkers or people spamming “just give up for quick mark”, thank you.

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