Alliance Couple / Duo LF Guild

Good morning.

My lady and I made Alliance characters on WRA for the first time last night, and have decided to give the community a shot. We’re experienced RP’ers who enjoy D20s that employ simple systems and focus on the actual quality of writing as opposed to the systems / numbers put in place.

She’s a full time student, and I am unavailable on week nights until around 7 PM server (sometimes later). However, with us no longer raiding, our weekends have become largely available. We’re EST.

In the interest of being transparent, when the new expansion begins, our role playing will take a back seat as we do content on another realm with our mains. We also have some prior engagements we must still attend. But we love RP, and we love interacting with other people. Of course, we can find a clever IC reason for our characters having vanished briefly / being incapable of attending certain events.

I will be writing this demon hunter, and she will be writing a druid. Also, please note that this is not me committing to any guild off rip with this post. It is more accurate to say I am curious if anyone out there is recruiting.

What we’re looking for: largely, a kaldorei or military based guild which deals with darker themes would be the ideal situation with weekend D20s and a social circle for random RP encounters / walk ups.

About us: aside from enjoying role play, we’re also an arena couple. Both of us are 2k+ experienced (with me being 2300 exp, and her being 2150). We’re currently chasing down our KSM, have our AOTC, and no desire to mythic raid. We’re both open minded individuals who put an emphasis on the quality we provide in all content we do. That includes RP.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them here, or mail me in game. I also invite you to whisper me in game if you would rather have a conversation that way.

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Welcome to WrA!

I would suggest putting your time zone into your opening so people have a better idea of your play times.

As for guilds, you might be interested in < Kalimdor Collective >, although they’re not a military guild they have a focus on Night Elves.

I should have thought of this, thank you kindly. I’ve adjusted the OP to inform people of our time zones.

always glad to see new people joining the RP community!

I’d like to extend a special invitation to the teahouse i run every Sunday from 7 PM til ???. It’s a setting for non-aligned friendly IC socializing. We’ve got members from at least 2 military themed guilds who attend regularly. People from several other guilds & communities/discords as well.

for further details check out the teahouse thread:

NB: this weekend on Sunday night we’ll be setting up our tea cart at the Darkmoon Faire rather than at our home location.


Hi there! I encourage you to check out not only the Alliance guild directory: WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events)

But also if you’re looking for military-specific, The Fortyseventh is always recruiting: [A-RP] <The Fortyseventh> Wants YOU!