All talents that reduce Spell Resists in PVP no longer works since Phase 2!


Many players already know this but let me re-introduce the problem we are dealing with in here.

(First of all, let me state that the following is not considering the default PVP spell hit cap, but only affects everything OVER such a cap. Everything you read below presumes that you are already hit capped.)

The game consists of talents such as Unbreakable Will that increases a chance to resist fear, silence or stun by 15% (5/5).

The game also consists of talents that do exactly the opposite - increase a chance to hit/reduce a chance to resist - like Shadow Focus that reduces the chance your shadow spells will resist (fear, silence, dots).

And then there are spell hit gems and buffs that increase spell hit rating. These also provide a resist reduction by %.

Now, the way the game worked ever since its initial release (actual retail TBC), the talents that reduced chance to resist/increased chance to hit + spell hit rating “penetrated” the talents that increased a chance to resist, meaning that when you had 5/5 Unbreakable will vs 5/5 Shadow Focus, you would only have 5% chance to resist all fears, silences and stuns - NOT 15% !!!

This is also how the game actually worked during the officially emulated TBC experience (Classic TBC) during Phase 1.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Blizzard recently decided to break this behavior entirely with Phase 2, with a stealth/ninja change without a single mention in changelog/patch notes, which ARTIFICIALLY increased all PVP resists and made the game even dumber than before.

This is a direct NERF to spells such as:
Shadow Priest - talent Shadow Focus
Elemental Shaman - talent Elemental Precision
Mage - talent Arcane Focus
Mage - talent Elemental Precision
Warlock - talent Suppression
Hunter - talent Trap Mastery

What does this mean? As a shadow priest with 15% spell hit rating (5% from gear, 10% from shadow focus talent) you still have 15% chance to resist all your shadow spells into a disc priest instead of 0%, which makes your shadow spec even more borderline inferior to disc than ever before.

What does this also mean? Mages will resist more counterspells than ever before, same for all warlock spells, same for all shaman spells. All these talents listed above are USELESS as they currently do nothing at all and putting any points whatsoever into them is a complete troll.

On the other hand this is a direct BOOST to many meta comps that are already on top of the ladder without even considering this boost - especially Disc PR will benefit out of this the most.

But what does this mean for the overal PVP gameplay? Yes, you guessed it right. Resists, resists, resists and even more resists. Any competitivness that the game had left is also gonna get reduced by a lot.

Resists are NOT healthy for the PVP gameplay, especially resists of the absolute key CC spells such as fear or silence. This is a mind-boggling stealth change from Blizzard and in my opinion it deserves acknowledgment of Blizzard Dev employees that are responsible for it.

TLDR: More spell resists for no reason in Phase 2, spell hit rating and certain Hit talents absolutely useless in PVP (they dont work at all above default hit cap), meta comps became even stronger, non-meta comps became even worse.

Sources (some of them are already dead in the present time) and Proof:



Bump. This has been very obvious in PVP for me as a Shadow Priest. I have lost arena games from these resists and it makes Shadow in particular feel especially inferior as we lack a lot of the survivability that Disc brings.

Bump! Pvp is more fun when you play against diverse comps. Please fix this so all of the affected classes/specs aren’t discouraged from doing arenas at all. It’s boring to queue into rogue/disc priest over and over.

As a fellow shadow priest, I’d love to see this addressed.

We’ve investigated this issue thoroughly and we believe that resists are now functioning more closely to original Burning Crusade.

During the development of patch 2.5.2 for Burning Crusade Classic, we found and fixed a bug preventing some talents that resisted specific mechanics (such as Unbreakable Will or Surefooted) from combining with school-based resistance stats correctly. The bug resulted in resist chances in patch 2.5.1 that were slightly different than the original 2.4.3 Burning Crusade.

As part of this fix, we took a close look at how the resist chance formula changed between patches 1.12.0 and 2.4.3. This led us to discover several pertinent changes that had happened over the course of the development of original Burning Crusade. These included alterations to the order in which spell hits and spell resistances are applied. We brought those fixes into Burning Crusade Classic patch 2.5.2, and we’re now confident that our Burning Crusade Classic resist chance formula is accurately mirroring the behavior of original Burning Crusade patch 2.4.3.

The bugfix resulted in some changes that we initially overlooked but have now identified. Two notable examples are:

  • Excess spell hit can no longer be used to cancel out the effects of talents that resist certain mechanics, such as Unbreakable Will.
    • This rule was introduced in patch 2.4.0 of original Burning Crusade, and we’ve based all other underlying game mechanics and formulas on patch 2.4.3.
  • Rogue’s Cloak of Shadows now correctly resists spells at 90% in PvP, instead of 80%.
    • This was first reported to be 80% in the beta for original Burning Crusade. However, a later change to the resist formula during that Beta resulted in Cloak of Shadows granting 90% resist chance in PvP. Ultimately, original Burning Crusade launched with Cloak of Shadows resisting at 90%, and that was not changed throughout the original expansion.

We apologize for our delayed communication on this topic. We investigate these bug reports as they come in, and we’re confident that the updates to spell resist formulas have consistently brought us closer to what existed in the original Burning Crusade.

Thank you.