All spells/ abilities that can proc Singed on Hodir

Please list all spells/ abilities you know that will help proc singed faster on Hodir. For example rogues/enh/DK abilties etc. TY

afaik it has to have a cast time so rogues/enh/dks cant stack singed.

please correct me if I am wrong

its also not guaranteed its a chance to add a stack

Pretty sure shaman shocks, ret pally judges,rogues mutilate and poisons,and some DK diseases count as spells and can stack. Just need confirmation.
also its 30% chance

My understanding was that it was anything, instant casts included, that counted specifically as spells. And I’m pretty sure Rogues can’t stack it.

is that why hunters are so good at stacking the buff? do their ranged melee abilities count as spells?

Fire tooltip states it’s spells and ranged attacks, so basically everything hunter does:

Warms nearby friendly creatures, preventing the effects of Freeze and Biting Cold, and increasing Spirit by 4. In addition, your Spells and Ranged attacks have a chance to singe enemies. Toasty fire can be extinguished by falling ice or Flash Freeze.

Explosive trap ticks stack it.

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Wait, the falling icicles can destroy the campfires? I never knew that. I suppose it’d be a good idea to warn people because if someone’s standing right on top of the fire, that will inevitably get it destroyed by falling ice.

its suppose to be able to but it can’t in classic wow, the worst bit of rng you can get is the shaman applying the buff gets interupted on his buff cast by a falling icicle, it will go on cooldown for 30 seconds and the pull will get totally bricked

Actually curious, Is it a spell without a base CD or do spells that become instant like cbmhain lightning with maelstrom stacks count? Never really paid attention

100%. Most groups mention people should stand near, but not on, the camp fire

Well now I’ve got one person saying they don’t and one person saying they do. Does anyone have video evidence of it happening in Classic? I want to know for sure lmao

This shouldn’t affect mechanics like this. A spell becoming instant cast through some other mechanic doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a damage spell and thus will still proc Singe.

bumb. any melee spells can stack?>

If it’s coded as ranged attacks and spells, rets can trigger it with exorcism and the initial cast of consecration. The rest of our kit is coded as a melee hit, or flagged to not proc things (like seal of vengeance applications).

I believe its a 10/25 man difference.

10 man it doesnt, 25 it does.

Interesting. I didn’t think something that minor would be different between 10 and 25.

I’ve heard my guildies saying that Explosive Shot is apparently really great for stacking the debuff. I don’t know about anything else that Hunters do, but I guessing the ticking damage from that is really good.

Yes explosive shot is the best…

but not everybody has hunters

Hey OP, its actually pretty simple:

Like the tooltip indicates, everything that counts as a spell or ranged attack can apply the buff.
This means:
Obviously every spell attack from every caster class (Mages, Warlocks, boomies, eles, shadows)
Every spell attack from every class, such as icy touch, shocks from enhance shamans, judgements and exorzism from paladins
Every hunter dmg ability + autoshots.

Everything that does not work:
Meeleattacks, Meelestyles.
Meaning rogues, ferals, warriors cant stack (dunno about fairy fire of feral tbh).

I thought poisons were considered nature damage and as such a spell? I remember hearing the poisons could proc focus magic from mages but never confirmed it.

Poisons are considered a spell, but on Hodir only spells that are cast count for the debuff stacking, not spells that are triggered via effects such as poisons or seals from pallys.
Its a bit wonky, but thats how blizzard programmed the encounter.

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