All of the realms are full

Which brings up the Question of what will happen at 10:00 am tomorrow morning PDT when the Character floodGates open and WE are able to make all 50 Characters in total, 10 pem Realm.


I read (years ago) that people waiting in queues don’t typically cancel their accounts. But people on empty servers do usually cancel. It will be interesting to see if the market dynamics work the same for this classic version when it’s not the hot new thing. For example: for Everquest many people were willing to upgrade their computers to play but when Brad McQuaid made Vanguard the market refused to upgrade their computers. WoW is in a different boat of course but I wonder if people will be as patient with the queues as they were circa 2006.

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gonna be a mess


it will, its normal for most games. wouldnt bank on that 2 month number, but its coming

Not about under estimation it’s just about cost/benefit, they will not set up and pay for enough servers so that some are low or medium pop, hope they prove me wrong but that’s my guess, saves them money.

In the blue post, they encouraged people to migrate off the full servers to avoid an “extended queue”. If all full then where to go?

I guess will have to wait for the new launch day servers and future spin-ups. But not really possible to follow the blue advice presently.


just some fast rough math. in 2006 max server pop was 4200ish. so 4200= low pop now days. 4200x3=12,600 x amount of full servers.

rough math don’t skin me.

realm pop info is from wow fan website

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Don’t forget, a lot of trolls from retail created characters too (they are not going to login at all). And even if they do, they not gonna last for a while. So real realm population will be know in 1 month i guess.


Yes, WoW Classic is a real MMORPG and Retail WoW is a FPS-MMO single player hybrid game. The pure MMORPG will win every time.


The goal is full servers.

Once the servers are full they encourage people to move to another server so that other server becomes full as well.

There will be queues on Medium servers (which there isn’t very many left).

Several hour long queues they want to avoid. Full servers they want, hence the low server count.

There isn’t a need for Low servers. There isn’t a need for many additional servers until the ones we have are all Full. Tomorrow we get 4 more servers.

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I think during the initial naming release they forgot to set the limit on Herod, so Herod became over-subscribed in the first hour. After that they have handled things pretty well, but Herod has never dropped to acceptable levels.

They estimated Oceanic perfectly and underestimated NA by a few servers. If they had listened to this forum, they’d have launched with 100 servers and they’d all be dead.


If they are counting a single created toon on every server as a +1 to that server population, then the shown population status for all the realms could be collectively overestimated by a multiple of 50 for each account (that’s worse case scenario if everyone actually makes 50 characters tomorrow).

It may not be as bad as we think it will be. People may not ever play on a server they have a reserved toon on if they find another server with a faster login time.

That’s what makes this whole server population count so unreliable and unpredictable.


What makes less sense…It is Blizzard if two servers get that low of pop because people quit…They merge them…GG

Seriously, this misquote is starting to annoy me!

Medium = higher population than vanilla servers were [no queues]

High and Full = more than medium and there are queues. Full queues are going to be really full!

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Please make a character on Grubb so they make a East Coast RP-PVP tyvm.

I’m not sure the DoEducation is prepared for another Warlord grind.

I would like to read this info, where is it? :slight_smile:

RIP RETAIL :smiley:

for real we Need more Servers!

retail has so many servers that are empty/dead why not give some of em over to classic?

in the next weeks millions of Players will join classic! the game isnt even launched yet and ALL the Servers are full!! i mean like real full not bfa fake full, like REAL FULL!!! Blizzard did even disabled the char creation on shazzrah and gole the 2 biggest eu pvp Servers so Players Focus more on the other Servers but now they are full too!!

pls blizz give us more servers^^

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yea i heard that several bfa guilds come over to classic to just to steal names and also wanna abuse the Right click report System to ruin the launch experience of many classic Lovers and streamers!

just a sick bfa behavior i really hope Blizzard gonna punish These guys and also ban their bfa accounts!! sick People like this made millions of Players quit in the last years and will Cost Blizzard alooot of Money in the future if they dont stop em!