All of Legion Timewalking Extended an Additional Two Weeks

In our previous announcement on this subject, we did not clarify the following:

All of Legion Timewalking, including the weekly quest, the Dungeon queue, Mythic+, and Mage Tower will now go for two additional weeks. Other events on the calendar from December 21 - January 4 will also occur as scheduled.


Please consider adding the original appearances back into Mage Tower, either behind the 36-challenge Feat of Strength or perhaps a different difficulty. This will preserve previous “player efforts” and unequivocally require great effort to be put in.


Keep the tower up full time please.

Otherwise having a blast with Legion Timewalking. Thank you!

No thank you. Advertised as limited time and I invested time and resources under those terms.


Not going to help when you made it for the 1% and even right now on WRA/MG Broken Shore is dead.


Just…just make it permanent Blizzard. Evolve Timewalking into something that isn’t based on a weekly rotation. Utilize your Bronze Dragonflight folks.


What does this even mean? It’s not made to be something everyone gets, but everyone can do it if they apply themselves. It was never a handout game mode.


While I completely disagree, if they do then they should also rerelease mop and WoD skins rereleased too.


Mage Tower up permanently & all Timewalking events put on a separate weekly rotation please. Absolutely no reason you can’t have TW and pet battles on the same week.


Those skins with a recolor with a time walking challenge version without the teleports as rewards (mop) I think would be a fun thing to do. It’s just for appearances and it makes the OG ones still relevant to who got them way back when.

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(I know I’m gonna get flack for this) but how many people honestly pet battle in this game? I met 1 guy that really got into it in the entire time since they came out. I like collecting them, but that’s about it.

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Meanwhile mage tower still overtuned and impossible for majority of player base…


they’ve stated multiple times they will not. and they should not.


FOMO is a bad marketing tactic that’s insanely anti consumer and it’s dissapointing to see people defend it.

They’re pixels afterall, who cares who has what?


Are you planning on some more nerfs on any of the challenges? I don’t have the statistics, but it’s looking like the failure rates are absurdly high.

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Absolutely agree so long as difficulty is achieved, much like they did with the TW MT.

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Just gonna put it out there:

Nerf the Guardian Druid MT… please?


Limited edition rewards encourage playing current content and are effective engagements tools.

If they were just pixels, people wouldn’t be bent out if shape about not having them. But here we are.


Very Neat :slightly_smiling_face:

if you need to threaten players to get them to do your content your content is bad.

people are bent out of shape over exclusion, not the pixels themselves. Why should I be told “sucks to be you” just because I started playing this character later? how in any way is that an indicator of my own skill?

if blizzard has to threaten players with FOMO to get them to do difficult content then perhaps that content needs another look over.

if you feel the need to exclude others from having some shiny pixels, well you probably need to reevaluate something.


It’s literally here forever, just on a time walking rotation. You can stop with those arguments now.

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