All of Legion Timewalking Extended an Additional Two Weeks

This is a silly game but two can play:

If you feel the need to have shiny pixels, well you probably need to reevaluate something.


who cares if you dont have it.


That’s pretty great we’re getting the weekly TWing cache 4 times. I’m trying to get this little bugger:


I’m on the fence with this. If they make it permanent, the should consider making season rewards. Like this year is the current set, next year could be a new set ect ect. Just a thought.

I do agree it should be out for longer, it really is good content to do if you are bored and want something to do

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I wish they would activate the Artifact weapons traits only in Mage Tower and TW Legion Dungeons as well as the Azerite Essences in the heart of Azeroth in the Mage tower.

More than all the Artifact weapons traits because the nerfs are useless and feel the real difficulty in a mage tower if not you can experiment, AS IT WAS IN LEGION.

And don’t forget the Stormheim dungeons like Maw of the Soul or Halls of the Valor because WotLK has more than just 6 TW dungeons.

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Yes, essentially make it the evolution of not just the Brawlers guild, but Timewalking.

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That’s great I still feel like mage tower is overtuned


He was replying to a post referring to the original Mage Tower artifact appearances, which were very much limited time and FOMO.


Hold on we can’t have that sort of logical thinking here.

Players might actually . . . have fun in the game. :grimacing:




The Mage Tower at its current difficulty and challenge feels awful being limited to one week every 18 weeks. I’m thinking ahead when I say this - it should be permanent or available much more often.

18 weeks is farther than long enough to completely lose track of progress and muscle memory on a given challenge, and then only having a week to do the challenge while wanting to attempt others too.

I have gotten 3 challenges done this week. Tomorrow the challenge would be disappearing under normal circumstances, meaning it would take (purely looking at what I’ve gotten done this week) roughly 12 Legion Timewalking periods to get every challenge done for someone that wants to do them all again.

Doing the math, that comes out to a few years of time. And that assumes I would be able to get 3 done each time, that I would have time when it is available and also that I would even want to commit the brainpower to attempting the challenges.

The saving grace for this really should not be that doing all 36 challenges isn’t necessary because of the lack of specialization-specific rewards.


Hoping you guys can consider making timewalking a permenat feature with weekly rotating schedules. It’s fun having extra dungeons to do. The heroic dungeon queue doesn’t seem relevant at all, at least you can get timewarped badges in TW and TW sets for mage tower. It is also nice having rep tokens available for old reps, and extra sources for heirloom upgrades. And more options to level up in.

Just add it to the base game and bring back the other dungeons at this point. Specifically upper Kara because I want Eye of Command back. Thanks :^)

So what you are saying to me is that I can wear a santa hat while wiping on Mage Tower over and over again… I like your style!

The most effective engagement tool available to Blizzard, by far, is FUN content. Failing 100 times before success is not fun by almost anyone’s definition. I can play Xenoblade Chronicles on my Switch and have tons of fun doing challenging but not punishing content.


Hey Kaivax, just wanted to say thanks for ruining my favourite game in 4 different versions in less than a year, and also do you guys have rocks in your head ? What was your actual decision making process for ANY of the changes you made to the Mage Tower ?

but then people would complain about FOMO and time played metrics even more. we’d end up with GD demanding “timewalking season 3 timewalking” in mid-2025 so they can earn that season set because it’s not fair they weren’t playing then

This is good to hear.

You get a cat gif for posting good things:


If you make a fun game, people will play it. Look at Fallout 76 for christ sake, it was in a ROUGH way at launch, but then, they listened to player feed back and it’s super popular, no sub fee to keep playing, and QUARTERLY major content updates

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No flack, I was INTO IT when it first came out I tried to collect all and win each big pet event that came up immediately. Like the celestial tournament, the pet dungeons, etc.

But then you realize having 1 million pets noone sees serve no real purpose. And you only need about 20 max level to complete all world quest events, maybe not even that many

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