All Mage Towers done and mog on each class!

Ya sure! what challenge do you need help with?

There are 7 different encounters. The encounters don’t change because you chose a different spec (outside of the ones that fit into another encounter of course lol).

Which is why I used the AoTC example. Sylvie is still Sylvie. The encounter doesn’t change because I went from a Frost DK to a Sin Rogue.

You very well could have! And you’re right, I would have to take your word on it.

Having alot of trouble as sin rogue (the 3 bosses). Feel like I’m taking way too much damage/ bosses just sometimes don’t feel like moving. Might just do outlaw

Not really true. Challenges are tuned wildly differently in terms of health (e.g. Sigryn has 250k for arcane and ~450k for assassination), and abilities (e.g. Variss’s mind rend does less than half as much damage in the guardian challenge than it does in war/blood), and in some cases have completely new abilities (Nether horrors on Kruul only have nether storm for some tank specs).

For example, doing Rdruid (a very easy healer challenge) doesn’t really tell you how the holy priest challenge will play out.

It is more accurate to say there are 36 different encounters with the mage tower. Yes you know (most of) the abilities, but tuning can hugely influence what is and isn’t important.

Congrats. I commend your persistence. I am trying the assassination rogue challenge and the rng mechanics is very annoying! Currently take many breaks even playing other games between attempts to try not to burnout.

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That doesn’t show whether you used them are not…

Bruh… Are you failing reading comprehension on your own post?

"ANY" being the keyword here.

You completed all 7 of the challenges for the Book mount. You said none of the challenges need damage nerfs. Blizzard said they do. Any you can bet your butt, it’ll be Xylem, Raest, Agatha and probably the others too.

I think sin is easier imo. So I ran the full bleed build and didnt even both pressing envenom or S&D. The MOST IMPORTANT THING is to INSTANTLY interrupt sigrin on her cast with blind (use a focus macro) before it finishes. then IMMEDIATELY BREAK YOUR BLIND and reapply bleeds. You wont leech enough / hit the enrage timer if you let her sit blind. On top of that, I evasion when the axeman enrages and then kidney off, and kidney his bladestorm for more uptime. Finally, make sure to grab the yellow orbs that the valkyr drop off!


Way to go!


It shouldnt be MYTHIC raid difficulty but because some people want to show stuff and gain some kind of ego stroked by having something from MT .You can always make any of the stuff challanging like removing gears not using some spells etc . And at this point there is no use of arguing coz we have opposite way of thinking .


Oh you don’t have to let it tick so she doesn’t recast? Might explain the enrage timers O.o

Alright, let’s equate it to raid difficulty. What would be a fair difficulty for the mage tower? LFR, normal, heroic, or mythic?

Which spec did you use for each class?

Correct Nothing does damage that is so high it cant be managed or dealt with. Nothing needs a nerf to its damage dealt as its all entirely survivable with existing toolkits and correct play. Literally anyone can do all of these challenges if they just pay attention and follow strats regardless of gear.

No they didn’t. They just said that some were more difficult than others. That doesnt mean damage or HP nerfs or that any specifically are overtuned. Xylem has literally infinite opportunities to full heal and no soft enrage. If you’re struggling, you can lust on pull and sit in the 70-50% stage for 7-8 minutes just healing off the mirror images and dodging barrages so that it comes back up for p2! Agatha is also free on every spec except outlaw rogue and feral druid. No shot that gets nerfed. Same with raest.


Id say heroic as you have ways to make a mistake and live but mythic is just unforgiveable . Current MT does not give you any leeway ,you do 1 mistake and u die .

Yeah, if you blind BEFORE the cast finishes she will not recast. If you are too late, she needs to sit the full blind or she’ll explode and kill you and you’ll likely not make the enrage.

Yeah that’s my biggest issue. I think I’m too greedy with evasion and have missed the blind on sig

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A little secret for melee dps is using crusader even if you don’t need the strength proc, it heals like 2k+ when it procs and does so often.

It can be really expensive at the moment though because everyone wants it.

Not all but grats!

I do wish it would of been all 36 to get the mount though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Omg that makes the fight a bit easier. On Enh you needed to let it tick or she recasts I think.

I’d say that’s fair.