All Mage Towers done and mog on each class!

TOO LATE. Well I hope that gets fixed

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Congrats. They nerfed the survivability for several specs of those fights you succeeded on just today, actually. They broke several trinkets and nerfed enchants.


Rip. I spoke to Blizz CS on twitter and they’re aware of it so hopefully they fix it before 9.2. Until then I afk on the mage tower npc on the mount.

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You shouldn’t say that you did ALL the mage towers since you clearly did not do all 36/36 challenges. At best you only did 12 (as there are 12 classes). To which you most likely did the easier challenges for most of those classes.


Nasrajin is well known troll. He is likely exploited all the broken gear and enchants to be able to complete it (in case he actually completed it, we don’t know for sure, can be another lie as well…). And now claims he did in some random SL gear with ease.


? I did all the challenges, not 36/36. I even said in the post that I hadn’t done them all for every spec yet, or I’d have linked tower overwhelming.

Can armory my chars if you want.

^You mean like I said in my post?

Because I did. You can armory all my chars, they’re all on the account and you can see when they got the achieves LOL


That’s like saying “dont say you got AoTC until you’ve done it on all 36 specs”

7 Encounters = all mage tower encounters.

Not random - he specified exactly what type of gear was used

Nor do you have proof that he did use them. And all persons are considered innocent until proven guilty.


I did the resto shaman one earlier today actually. Also in full current pvp gear. Not impossible just takes a lot of practice. The main issue I have is just how long it takes but appreciate that Blizz added truly challenging solo content.


Except in AoTC you aren’t alone

Nice, dude! Gratz! :smiley:

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That’s not the part I’m addressing lol

There are 36 Mage Tower encounter because you are in them alone there is no variance due to other players that’s why it isn’t like saying do AoTC on all specs

That is until Blizz adds solo Heroic Raids

It’s cause he did it

And that’s illegal per General Discussion


And be extremely good on the small margin for error but ya
Pish posh, it’s so simple :crazy_face:

Grats tho, mount looks cool.
And mog is nice.

I won’t be getting it 'cause of my poor attitude but whatever.

Don’t joke like that.

It’s not illegal, it’s just own up to it you know. The fact you feel shame about being open means you think it would diminish the accomplishment, otherwise there’s no reason to lie.

Well done, Nasrajin


Grats to the OP buuuut you’re a top 1% player. So this is a foregone conclusion.

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Can’t post a success story in GD without the usual suspects jumping in to toss shade.


Nice job! I just equipped my old BiS Legion gear I was hoarding and used shadowlands consumables xD I don’t have enough leveled alts to cover all 7 challenges.

But what about the part where he said: