All in 1 CC Macro Help please?

Im trying to make an all in 1 macro for my CCs (Fear, Spell Lock, Mortal Coil & Havoc) this is what I got right now.
#showtooltip Fear
/cast [nomod,@target] Fear
/cast [mod:shift,@arena1] Fear
/cast [mod:ctrl,@arena2] Fear
/cast [mod;alt,@arena3] Fear
Im trying to get the Macro to work for all scenarios in wpvp, pve & pvp. Is it possible to have a SHFT Fear macro for my focus outside of arena and still use SHFT for arena1? I will apply the same macro for the rest of my spells. Not sure if im asking for to much, any help is great!

Just consolidate it all into a single /cast, put the nomod last, and add existence checks.

/cast [mod:shift,@arena1,exists] [mod:shift,@focus,harm,nodead][mod:ctrl,@arena2,exists] [mod:alt,@arena3,exists] [] Fear

As a general rule you should only ever have a single /cast per macro that casts GCD locked spells.

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So can I just copy and paste this? Not sure what you meant by putting “nomod” last


Macros are read left to right, so you should always put the more complex conditions first.
[] = cast the spell the same as you would by default.

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Yeah its not working in BGs :frowning:
Not sure how to make it work

BGs might use @arena1-5 for flag carriers etc. I honestly haven’t tested.

Before that I’d triple check the macro’s on your bars and you’ve got a hostile focus set.

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I have shift,ctrl and alt for my arenas 1-3 for Fear, Spell Lock, Mortal Coil and Havoc. Could that be the reason when I try to focus fear it doesent work outside of arena? :open_mouth:

Not if you’re only pressing the fear macro, and the fear macro is the one posted above.

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Okay so the Focus Fear seems to when I disable my SHIFT-F command which is my arena1 … I guess thats a good start but how can I override that in the macro?

I’m so confused at this point.

LOL Okay let me explain this and see if I can make it a bit more clear on what I am trying to achieve. I use “F” for Fear and I would also like to use “Shift-F” for my focus Fear outside of Arenas. I am trying to Macro my normal Fear, Shift Fear (outside of Arenas). I also have Shift-F,Ctrl-F,Alt-F for my arena123 CCs. I am trying to put all of these under the same Macro. The problem is getting Focus Fear (Shift-F) to work outside of Arenas due to the bind being taken for arena1. If you want you can even add me on Discord to make it easier!

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How are you currently doing this? With the macro in your OP and/or my macro?

No their all seperate binds on my Taskbar hence I want to make it 1 Macro, it uses up to much space on my bars for each spell. The one you gave me “#showtooltip
/cast [mod:shift,@arena1,exists] [mod:shift,@focus,harm,nodead][mod:ctrl,@arena2,exists] [mod:alt,@arena3,exists] [] Fear” the focus fear worked ONLY WHEN I unbinded my (Shift-F) Keybind which is my arena1 Fear.

Ok that’s the problem. Keybinds take priority over macro modifiers. You’ll need to unbind everything except for F then place my macro on to that key for it to work.

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Okay thats what I was trying to explain sorry for not being so clear Im new to the whole Macro thing. If this works for Fear it should work for other CCs as well, correct?

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Yep. Good Luck!

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Thanks for the great help!

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