All goblin raid team - H Castle Nathria: looking for more!

Feel like doing something different while you wait for 9.1? How about a new raiding challenge - with only goblins!

That’s right folks, we’re looking to add a few extras to our raid team, and goblins are in short supply so we need you! Goblin warriors, death knights, priests, shaman, mages, warlocks, rogues and hunters. (Sorry no druids, paladins, monks or demon hunters - because you can’t be a goblin!) So what if we’re not winning any beauty pageants? We got swazz and style and a good sense of humor. That’s a formula for success, right?!

Here’s our raiding poster with most of the important details:

Fridays 10pm to 12am CST

The team is hosted by Flashbang Exports (Server: Moon Guard), which is a ridiculously fun, goblin exclusive RP-PvE guild. We’ve been raiding together for almost 2 years! We haven’t managed to clock AoTC yet, but maybe one day. In the meanwhile, check out our list of our credentials!
From BfA:
8/8 Normal Uldir 1/8 Heroic (and 8/8 Heroic when it was old tier)
9/9 Normal BoD, 3/9 Heroic (and 6/9 Heroic when it was old tier)
8/8 Normal Eternal Palace, 7/8 Heroic
12/12 Normal Nyalotha, 3/10 Heroic
From Shadowlands:
10/10 Normal Castle Nathria, 2/10 Heroic

Our raids are family friendly, which means no swearing and suitable for all ages (including teenagers , grandmas, and couples with young children!) Also suitable for LGBTQ+ because we accept you as you are and won’t ask you about that stuff! (We’re a raid team - not a dating service!) We keep a positive atmosphere with no yelling at each other…but there will be lots of bad jokes!

Your key attributes:

  • ATTITUDE - keep it positive, we’re here for fun
  • RELIABILITY - no one likes a goblin that doesn’t show up!
  • TEAM COOPERATION - sorry pal, you’re not going to solo that boss

What we don’t want:

  • People that brag or compete hardcore against others
  • Folks that don’t care about mechanics
  • Green-eyed loot monsters (we know you’re out there!)

WE DON’T DO RAID TRY-OUTS! As long as you’re a goblin, you’re in.
All you gotta do is meet the item level requirement.
The recommended item level is ilvl 200
The acceptable item level is ilvl 190
Somewhere around ilvl 190-200, but more is good! Most of us are around ilvl 200-210.
Sorry, we don’t have the capacity to carry undergeared folks for H Castle Nathria.

You must be willing to learn mechanics! Or at least try not to get squished.
We don’t expect you to research fights beforehand. Our raid leaders (Thelldrix and Gobmourne) will do that, then explain the fights to everyone else.
Yes, you gotta be able to listen!
No, we don’t expect you to get it right first time.
We work it out together - as a team!

We provide the following consumables for free:

  • Cauldrons (conjured elixirs)
  • Feasts (buff food)
  • Repair Bots

Due to cross-realm restrcitions, we can’t give you:

  • Oils (Also known as “Essential Oils” (hehe) e.g. Shadowcore Oil)
  • Vantis Runes (Not essential. These are pretty expensive).
  • Veiled Augment Runes (Again, not essential, especially as they disappear when you die!)

Our raid group is about 50:50 male to female. Yes, our family-friendly, low pressure environment means that women are more comfortable to raid with us! Most of our folks are in their 30s and 40s and also work full time outside of game. We also have a few young hooligans. Plus some couples. And some weird people… yeah, we do our best to ignore them. You are not expected to dedicate your life to WoW! We are here to relax, de-stress, and chill with our homies. We are also multi-national and have people from the US, Canada, Australia, and Scotland! Let’s expand goblins…global domination, rawr!

Step 1: Join our discord.

Announce that you’d like to come raiding with us. We will endow you with a rank of ambassador (a pretty blue color) and welcome you aboard!

Step 2: Join our Flashbang Empire Horde Community

This is to make it easier for us to find your character across server. The community is pretty quiet and we promise you will not get spammed with random waffle.

Step 3: Check your sound system works
This is not optional. You have to be able to listen.
If your dog ate your microphone or you’re heinously shy, you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. But you will eventually. Because we’re just too cool and you’ll want to get in on the action.

Step 4: Take a granny nap
If the raid time is a bit late for you, we recommend taking a short nap beforehand. Just remember to set your alarm! No refunds for goblins that are zonked out.

Step 5: Turn up on time!!
WE START INVITES AT 9:45pm! Make sure you’re online early, or become the butt of our jokes for showing up late.

Step 6: Stay for the whole duration of the raid (2 hours)
People turning up late or leaving early is DISRUPTIVE for the rest of the group. Yes, we can summon, but that also means we have to stop and clicky clickies and also stop our dance routine and strategic planning. We got better things to do! But seriously, if you need to leave early, tell your raid leaders beforehand. Deserters after 11pm will make us MAD!

Step 7: Perfect mechanics
We’re not the best geared folks around, or the biggest beasts, but we are pretty skilled. BECAUSE WE DO MECHANICS! That means learning what stuff to dodger, what thingees to interrupt, and where to stand (and sometimes even the names of boss abilities!) You gotta be willing to learn this stuff. If you don’t wanna, the door is that way ------>


Step 8: Drive home RICH!
While most of the heroic loot will be upgrades for us, any leftovers will be offered up for grabs. You are more than welcome to roll on these with a slash /roll. The highest score wins!

What classes are we currently short on?

  • Healers - that means priests and shaman
  • We could do with a back up warrior/DK tank (for our trademarked 3-tank strategies)
  • Warlocks - mostly for cookies, but we also like DoTS. Also, summon me?
  • Mages, hunters, rogues - less of a demand, but we’ll like you more if you can CC!

Remember, once you’re in our discord, you’re also welcome to take part in other goblin guild activities, such as Mythic +, Torghast, RP Events, and old legacy raids and Island Expeditions. We do a bit of battlegrounds too.

Tell them Flywheel sent ya! I look forward to meeting ya’ll.

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I know you’re out there, goblins!

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