All Beta Test Realms OffLine


I see no posting that Classic Beta is realms are down. Is it just me LOL.

(Perl) #2

You’d need to post in the Classic Beta forums. The CS forums are for the Live version of the game.


Would love to, but New Topic option does not exist on that page

(Perl) #4

It should be there if you’re in the Beta. Try logging out of the forums and back in again and it should work again.


I do, but when I login with my 2nd account that has my Beta test characters there is no button at all to post. Even though I have lvl 40 druid in pvp realm

(Perl) #6

Try from a character on your main WoW account. I think I read somewhere that it might take choosing a few different characters for the option to show up.

(Thundertotem) #7

Well, there is the AV test this weekend, and they did say they was gonna turn off the normal servers for the duration of the AV test. Perhaps they turned them off early in preparation?


. Welcome to beta. The server’s go up and down. Constantly. It’s all part of it. Nothing new. Nothing to see here.

(Nok) #9

You can always post in the Classic Community Discussion forum. Customer support is not kept informed about Beta Test issues.