[A][Lightbringer] <Light Privilege> Casual Mythic 9-11pm PST Tue/Wed

< Light Privilege > on Lightbringer US is recruiting ranged DPS for casual mythic CN. We are looking for accountable chill players that are eager to learn, progress, and optimize on a casual schedule.

CN Progress: 10/10N – 10/10H

RAID ROSTER Recruitment Needs

  • 210 iLVL Min
  • :shield: CLOSED
  • :ambulance: CLOSED
  • :crossed_swords: Ranged DPS

We are always recruiting any role and class for M+


  • AOTC, then Casual Mythic prog
  • Tues & Weds 9pm - 11pm PST/Server + Optional Sat 8-11pm Raid
  • M+, Torghast, Arenas
  • All in our late 20s-30s
  • Must like dwarves, feet, uwu’s, sweatlording and chill vibes
  • Must hate healers and melee DPS with a burning fiery passion

We all have work and families throughout the work week but we enjoy the harder content the game has to offer and we want to optimize the time we do get in the evenings, if you’re like-minded, shoot me a message.

Discord β€” Slime#6677

BNET β€” Valkyrie#12561

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