Aiding the Accord: Zskera Vaults

Aiding the Accord: Zskera Vaults is bugged.

i got quest and Zskera Vault Key and can’t click on door or even see the dude to turn the quest into. Mailed the key to 3 alts and had the same results. The quest doesn’t work. I’ve talked to 5 other guild members who have had the same problem.

Toon: Empei
Realm: Shu’halo


You need to complete the new quest chain up until rescuing the Expedition guys and returning to Viridia who will give you the Vault quest “Exploring Our Past”. Then Jeb will appear at the Vault entrance and let you in. You use the keys inside, not at the door. I agree none of this is explained in game.

Alts will be able to take a skip of a lot of this if they wish (though that will mean losing quite a bit of fairly easy renown and Elemental Overflow) but will still need to do the rescue quest to unlock the Vault.


And it looks like you are forced to do this quest to continue with rep quests as this is the only one I have been getting for weeks.