[A/H][NA][Stormrage] <Reckoning> 1/9M, 9/9H LF DPS and two HEALERS to join the team as we push into Mythic!

Reckoning is a 2-day early evening raid guild on Stormrage that was formed in 2016. We have been an AoTC guild every tier! We’re looking for skilled players with team-oriented mentality, who are willing to show up, do their job, and are willing to learn.

Any DPS and Shaman, Priest, and/or Pally Healer.

Main Raid: Thursday and Friday 9pm to midnight server (EST)
Alt Raid: Monday 9pm to 11pm server (EST)

In Reckoning we balance solid raiding progression with everyone’s needs for career and family. But more than that, we’re a community that is a family unto itself, where everyone becomes true friends and get to know each other. We recruit based on both performance AND personality, to create a fun, friendly, relaxed environment where we also kick butt.

We value each other as friends, not just as people we raid with. We hang out on discord a lot, including non-raid days, and enjoy helping each other with achievements, farming old mounts, or just shooting the breeze. Most of all, we’re about people. Because raiding isn’t really about classes, or gear, or specs.

Raiding is about people! If raiding isn’t you thing then we also offer an active M+ community. All of our raiders are required to run at least one M+10 a week. We also have numerous players who run Mythics daily on their own time so there are always groups going. Causal as well as new players are always welcomed in our community!

What does it take to join?
Commitment: All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding. If you can’t keep a positive and constructive mindset when working on progression content, then we may not be the guild for you. We require each of our raiders to be dedicated towards improving their mains both in and out of raid. Personal responsibility is essential.

Attendance: We expect all of our raiders to show up on time and prepared consistently. If you run with us, we require three hours a night, two nights a week, and at least one Mythic+10 key weekly.

Communication: World of Warcraft is a team game and communication is essential when raiding. Therefore, having a headset is a mandatory requirement. We use Discord for our voice chat. We are an English-speaking guild.

Hit up our recruitment point of contact at:

battle-tag: Starlord#1351

or join our discord server: https://discord.gg/vU8kp7vwQF

We appreciate your time and interest. Good luck and have fun!