[A][Heroic] Prot/Ret Tank looking for AOTC raiding guild


I am an AOTC experienced Tank (I have cleared every raid tier from Kil’Jaden to N’zoth AOTC), though I also have ret experience! I am currently looking for a raid team to get AOTC every tier, and possibly a guild as well depending on how well things go! I am willing to transfer servers as required, though I would be waiting to see how things go before committing to that! I can be available after 10pm cst on most nights!

Discord: Bel#4805
Battlenet: BelKatarn#1501

Hi Bel! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

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Game Over’s raid team Press Start to Continue is recruiting talented, mechanically aware players to help our laid back progression raid team. We consider laid back progression, getting as far as we can with what we have, while focusing on maintaining an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere. We’ve been together for 4 years.

Prog - 10/10 Norm 9/10 Heroic CN
Past prog Uldir 2/8M BOD 2/9M COS 2/2 H EP 3/8M Nya 4/12M ( Atoc each tier from Nighthold and up)
Plans and Goals: Raid together and continue to crush what we can and have fun. We’re looking to push as far as we can with the time we have each week, without losing the fun and spirited community feeling!

Raid Days & Times:
Tuesday 7-10PM and Thursday 7-10PM PST
Contact AJ994#1149 ( bnet) or AJ#1712 ( discord)

In an update, I would prefer to stick to the alliance side of things, if possible! I can also possibly arrange one or my two days off to line up with a raid time :smiley:

Edit: Still looking!
Edit 2: Still looking for a new team :slight_smile:
Edit 3: Still looking!