[A/H] <Wayward Company> We're Recruiting!

Hello fellow dreamers!

Wayward Company is looking for more members! We are a casual raiding/M+ guild. Raid Wed/Thur 7 pm-10 pm EST. We are 9/9H. We also try to have RBGs on Sun/Mon. We’re looking for DPS for the raid, but all for M+. Reach out to an officer to learn more!

We have a core group of laid-back members together since Legion. We’ve gotten AOTC every raid tier since inception, minus the hiatus we took in BFA.

We’re also interested in networking with other guilds that have a low member count and would benefit from us combining raids.

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bump for an amazing group of people! good luck in your recruitment (finally)!

Bumping for visibility, we are still recruiting!

Bump, we’re still recruiting!

You guys still looking? If so hit me up to chat.

Bnet: uber#1698

We are, unfortunately, we’ve hit a bit of a slow period in our activity until more content gets released. You’re welcome to join, but most of our activities have slowed to a crawl.

Bump, we’re still recruiting!

Bump, we still have some open spots! Come check us out!

Bump, 10.2 is soon upon us! If you’re coming back and need a home, check us out!

I am interested please reach out, my discord is AresSindal. I have a paladin I just brought back to the server.

Bump, we’ve stopped raiding this tier and are waiting for the new tier to drop in 2 weeks to start up.

We still have some spots available, really looking for some RDPS as we’ve pulled in some new members from the forum posts.

Bump, we have a few spots remaining on our roster and are looking to start up our RBG teams again. We’re looking for RDPS, come check us out!

Bump because Zanric is good people :slight_smile:

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