A/H <Valhälla> Multiple Mythic teams recruiting

Hello All

Thanks for taking the time to drop in and have a read

<Valhälla> is recruiting!
Multiple guilds across OCE servers with the main teams on Khaz/Dath/Aman Horde, Barth Horde and Frost Ally
Large friendly & relaxed guilds/community

Raid Prog - Current Retail Mythic
1 x team 9/9M, 1 x 8/9M and 1 x 7/9M

Other fun stuff
Multiple AoTC teams with 11 raid teams in total across the servers
2000+ ppl on discord
Tons of M+ keys
Classic raid teams

All Mythic teams are on the lookout for solid players

8/9M - Thurs/Sun/Mon - 20:00 to 22:30st

9/9M - Wed/Sun/Mon - 18:00 to 21:00st (NZ Based)

7/9M - Sun/Mon - 19:30 to 22:30st
Bnet - Moistier#1473
Discord - moistier

GM - Varcoe Khaz’goroth (H)
Discord - varcoe_valhalla

My team is Tyr on Frostmourne
However I am happy to assist with any questions relating to any of the teams or guild as a whole

Happy hunting!


Still on the hunt for more raiders

Looking for ppl in various roles

6M down
Looking for more ranged esp mages

Come and work on Smoldy with us

Smoldy down to 35%
Looking for a few more DPS

DPS wanted :slight_smile:

Tyr team is 7M and on a break until S4
Looking for more DPS to join for fun times

All teams looking for more ppl for S4 and beyond
S3 Team prog
9/9M, 8/9M, 7/9M, 4/9M and a few at 1-2/9M

All 9 teams looking for more for S4 and looking towards TWW expansion

Team Tyr 7/9M (Frostmourne)
Looking for all roles
Hit me up!