[A/H] <The Scourge> Dual Faction WPVP/rp Guild

The Scourge is a newly formed World PvP light rp guild focused on causing chaos and terror across the land in preparation for the upcoming scourge invasion of Azeroth.

Some of the perks of joining us:

  • We are the only guild of our kind. You’ll be part of the 3rd faction, lead by The Lich King.

  • Death to everyone. Factions mean nothing to us. We utilize members on both sides to accomplish our goals. No one is safe from our reach. Did someone ninja your loot? You can camp them now.

  • Our guild leader is a pretty chill guy, he’s got a cool sword and can bring you back from the dead.

  • Punt a gnome, slug an orc, bash an elf, slap a troll or bop a tauren. You can do it all and more regardless of faction.

We are looking for a very specific type of player, our members are lovers of WPvP first, our main focus is going out into the world and picking fights while laughing hysterically. Our members appreciate that WPvP is a constantly changing often times unfair thing that offers a new experience daily, and they love it.

WPvP is arguably the best part of Vanilla/TBC/Wotlk and we seek members who agree. If you’re looking for a change of pace, and a very laid back, casual atmosphere filled with friends who have been playing together on Grob since day one, we might be the guild for you.

For more info, you can find one of us in game or post here. See you soon.


Check out our recruitment video for more info

Oh, this does bring back memories.

I had the same idea as you did. I also had a dual faction wpvp guild called “The Blacklist Society” during OG TBC and Wrath all the way up until Cataclysm in Ravenholdt.


… Our wanton antics, utter disregard for others, and lack of empathy landed me and a select few a perma-ban and the dissolution of our guild.

Tread carefully buddy.

P.S. Especially where -No Mercy Mafia- is concerned. They’re so caught up in how cool they think they are that they’ll do whatever it takes erase you if you embarrass them badly enough.


sigma male post

Hey pal,

Now that I think about it, I’m surprised you didn’t name your guild -cult of the damned- or any variant of that.

Think about it… The cult answers to the Lich King and Kel’thuzad ANYWAY and invites ALL races into their fold not unlike Twilight’s Hammer.

It’d be more plausible plus you’ll be able to gank in Caer Darrow, grief players in the plaguelands, stifle progress, and dungeon camp any scourge related instances.

Just giving you something to think about.

I want you to 100% succeed and uproot the more established legacy guilds here. Including the Redwood tribe.

Though the Soulshatter Clan is gone, I want to see this bacterial infection you’re creating grow and spread. In fact… I can help.

Feel free to hit me up. Anytime.

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This guy gets it

I will def hit you up, sounds like you had some fun. lol

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Kinship of the Wretched could get behind this subterfuge.

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Bumpedy, bump, bump.


TBC WPvP is at its pinnacle, come join us in making the absolute most of it.

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Contact me in game. Need your discord.

The Lich King will embrace those who join us. All others will fall.

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Free bump for fun people.

Thanks friend. Roaming Scourge purge squads happening now, come check it out.

I also need to add that we have no level requirements, anyone who supports the Lich King and pvp is welcome

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Good to know.

I have high hopes for you.

If you’re looking to get away from the mega walmart super guilds and hoping to find something more casual and cozy, check us out.

Def a lot more fun on this side, come join us!

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With the new ability to make a character on both factions, it’s easier than ever to become an agent of evil, chipping away at the stability of both horde and alliance in whatever ways you can think of. We want people who admire villains in media and want to play as one. Heroes have always been pretty boring but remember how cool Gargamel was?? In The Scourge, YOU can be Gargamel.

The Lich King will prevail.

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The wrath of The Lich King is upon us. Don’t be on the wrong side of history and join The Scourge today.

Still we search for worthy members.