[A/H] The Azeroth Accord

After the fall of the Burning Legion, many of the soldiers who made up the Armies of Legionfall remained bound together, refusing to return to fighting one another as their racial leaders were eager to do.

Instead, they bound together as the Azeroth Accord. The Accord is meant to be a shining beacon of unity, reminding Azeroth what impossible things are made possible when its heroes come together in both their strengths and weaknesses.

We don’t recruit based on race, class or level of a character. There are five main avenues for your characters to find a place within the Accord. Opportunities are as follows:

The battle-hardened Everguard, the adventerous Farbound, the curious Athenaeum, the careful Refuge, and the courtly Consulate.

There is both an Alliance and Horde chapter of the Accord, as well as a BNet community and a Discord room to stay connected and keep the story going no matter where we are.

// Recruitment Letter //

We do not fight for power, land or legacy. The Azeroth Accord call those who will join us in the fight for our future with conviction, an open mind and a stalwart heart. We will use whatever tools and resources are at our disposal to end those threats in the shadows and combat Azeroth’s truest enemies.

Will you answer?

At the bottom of the note is the sigil of a knot thrice intertwined.

This message has gone out to many in both the Alliance and the Horde. Perhaps you found it nestled in your satchel, or lying on your doorstep. Perhaps you simply found it addressed to you in the mailbox. However you found it, it’s clear you have two choices before you: ignore the call or answer it.

// Joining //

Visit us at [discord.gg/HY8GjCZ] or message the following characters in-game:
Cyremthesia (A), Mourith (A), Athalys (H), Aelle (H)

// Highlights We Think Are Cool //

  • ‘Legendary’ style quest line for each member to undertake

  • Unique in-guild communication item awarded to each member

  • Five distinct groups within the guild work both inwardly and with other groups

  • Lore-honoring story chapters/arcs

  • IC Leveling/Dungeons/Raids in-game

  • DM Styled events via Discord

  • Heavy focus on worldwide exploration

  • Heavy focus on developing individual characters’ stories and roles

  • Active alt friendly

// Currently //

We’re looking for players who are looking for storytelling opportunities, are new to role-playing, or are interested in role-playing.

Specifically seeking players who are interested in officer positions.

The Accord has been working to set up a base of operations in the Shadowlands! With our communication network now working between Azeroth and the lands of the dead, we’re learning all we can about this new realm and what we can use here to help protect our home and the world soul within it!

We’re seeking players to join us! Will you answer the call?