[A/H] Something Creative is looking for new blood!

Something Creative is a casual guild that raids Mon/Wed at 7PM-9PM CST. We actively do keys on Tuesday nights as well. We’re looking to add more people to the roster for an alt raid and more!

We’re a group of older folks that have lives outside of the game, and are searching for people in the same boat. We’re far more active during the week than on weekends since our main tanks aren’t always available then.

We are currently recruiting DPS for our raid team, ranged preferred but not required! Wanna run M+? We’re expanding our teams and can use everything, no matter what you play!

New to the raid scene? No problem! No experience is required to join our raid team, but we do expect all raiders to be gemmed and enchanted the best they can.

We’re searching for long term players who will bring in the new expansion with us. All we really ask is to be friendly, have a sense of humor, and be helpful towards other guildies.

If this sounds like the type of guild for you, please reach out to me at bannedshee on Discord or mew2#11594 on Bnet so we can talk more.

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I can offer melee and ranged DPS. Plenty of experience, just looking for good people to knock over bosses with. Request sent through Discord.

Are you still looking? Looking to come back as a ele shammy

Do you need a blood dk and holy priest?