(A/H) <Snackrifice>

:pizza:Who are we?:pizza:

  • (Snackrifice) is a semi-hardcore guild that was formed in 2024 with values of having fun together, making friends with each other inside and outside of the game, and pushing ourselves to achieve AoTC/ high M+.

  • Our guild focus is to get Keystone Master/Hero and AoTC with each season that passes in WoW. As well, we will be progressing through mythic raiding as we get better gear.

  • At the end of the day, we want to build friendships together that will last outside of WoW. We want to have success and failure together but we will enjoy it regardless.

:fries:Raiding and Mythic+:fries:

  • Our raid days are a bit unconventional in a way that we do not have set raid days, but set raid times. Due to our raid leader work schedule, we can not commit to set raid days each week. We usually have a week or 2 notice of what days we will be raiding. Our raid times are always 8pm to 10:30pm EST.

  • Like mentioned above, our focus for raiding will be getting AoTC for each season. Then once we are geared we will dabble with mythic raiding, however getting CE is not a goal for us, but still wouldn’t mind getting it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • We are currently 9/9HC (on second raid night as a guild) and 2/9Mythic (half guild, half pugs)

  • We do mythic+ on a daily basis, at any given time. We usually set Monday as a default mythic+ day, for those that might have missed any M+ for that week.


  • If you want to join or might have some extra questions regarding the guild, please don’t hesistate to add me or my officers to battlenet.

  • McBeaver#11278

  • DirtyBirdy#21411


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Good group of people, just got 2/9Mythic (half guild, half pug) in Amirdrassil. Still looking for more people to join!