(A/H RP) Walkup Wednesdays!

Let’s make walkup Wednesdays a thing on WrA/MG/ED.

Every Wednesday, spend a little more energy initiating walkup RP or responding to walkup RP.

Post your experiences on this thread. Have fun!


Him, my Forsaken DK, a full on skeleton. Her, a Blood Elf Mage with the tag ‘Walk Ups Adored!’ sitting on a bench in Silvermoon… Now, thinking to instigate a bit of RP, my DK goes marching by and just stops, midstride, and… stares at her, skull all expressionless and lichfire orbs ablaze.

He continues like that, silently staring, one foot still slightly in the air, until finally our annoyed little elf glares at him and demands “What?!” all imperious in tone.

“Well,” my DK replied, suddenly looking down and voice quiet as he wrung his hands behind his back, toes twisting in the dirt… “it’s just, your face, it’s so BEAUTIFUL… I don’t think I’ve seen a person that PRETTY before!”

Now, our female friend felt a bit abashed at being so harsh at the start and began to apologize, asking his name and if he’d like to sit, only for him to cut her off…

“Can I wear it? Just for a little while??? I’ve got my own skinning knife handy, and promise I won’t stretch the smile lines out at all! You won’t even notice the stitches when you put it back on!!!”

… matters quickly went downhill from there, and the walk up ended rather badly. To say nothing for what one might call his first attempt at flirting.

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