[A/H] Nagr/Caels <Antivenom> - 1 Night Raid (SUN @ 7 - 10PM ST) [AOTC 9/9H]

Who We Are:

AntiVenom is a newly formed guild, created by a group of friends who love banter. All have previous AOTC experience, with some having mythic experience, but not looking to push for CE. We are a horde based guild seeking players who are looking to raid, do mythic + or be a filthy casual. With guilds being cross-faction, Alliance are welcome to apply.

What we are looking for:

Healers and Dps!

Raid Times: Sunday @ 7:00PM - 10:00PM ST

What we offer:

:fire: Regular raiding schedule with a focus on progression
:dart: Active mythic + groups
:muscle: Casual and friendly guild atmosphere
:gem: Fair and simple loot system
:sparkling_heart: Welcoming and helpful towards new or returning players

Contact on Discord:
Window - weendoe
Liam - Liam#4739
Fenice - fenice

Contact on Battlenet:
Window - LunaDuck#1835
Liam - Kerenth#1207


Still recruiting

still recruiting

still recruiting

Definitely worth joining up. Very friendly and inclusive guild with skilled players in a relaxed environment. Well worth your time. Get in touch

Still recruiting - a majority of us are 9/9H but looking for more for weekly clears for heroic raid

still recruiting

still recruiting