[A/H] <Murloc Mafia> - Recruiting

Welcome to Murloc Mafia! We are a tight-knit community who has been established and active on WoW since 2012. We welcome members of all experience levels and enjoy participating in a variety of end-game content, including raiding, M+, arenas/RBGs, questing, farming achievements/mounts/mogs, etc. Our guild is cross-faction and maintains a friendly, banter-heavy environment with people who love hanging out together online.

We are currently recruiting for our progression raid team, which is the foundation of our guild. We are 9/9 H AotC and looking to add talented individuals to form a team to progress into Mythic raid for Amirdrassil. We are committed to providing a raid environment that is productive while still being fun.

First and foremost, we are a community who supports each other. We are looking for players that do more than log-in for raid nights. We want active players that will engage and have fun with their fellow guild members outside of raid. Our discord is a daily hub of activity with members who socialize together and truly get to know each other.

If you’re interested in joining our community, please reach out to one of the contacts listed below. Hope to have you as part of our family soon!

Raid Times: Tuesday and Friday, 8:30pm-11:30pm EST

Current Progression: 9/9 H for Amirdrassil

Currently Recruiting (for raid team): All active and talented individuals

Battle.net: soundwave#1678; kris#14498; SneakyWaffle#1985
Discord: chinawyte; krissb; .sneaky3; rayburnwho; sarenii