[A/H] [Greymane/Tanaris] <Avengers of Teldrassil>

:deciduous_tree: Avengers of Teldrassil :deciduous_tree:
[A/H] [Greymane/Tanaris]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AvTeldrassil

Born from a legacy of friendship and shared adventures, Avengers of Teldrassil is your go-to guild for an authentic WoW experience. We welcome:

:leaves: Casual Explorers - Enjoying Azeroth’s beauty
:crystal_ball: Solo Adventurers - Crafting your own journey
:trophy: Achievement Hunters - Every milestone counts
:scroll: Lore Buffs - Delving into Azeroth’s history
:old_key: Weekend Key Runners - Mythics at your pace

Core Values:
:earth_africa: Diversity: A blend of stories, backgrounds, and goals
:dove: Freedom: Your journey, your pace
:hugs: Support: We’ve got your back in every quest
:handshake: Respect: Every voice and story is valued
:paw_prints: Pet Lovers: Got a quirky battle pet? So do we!

Guild Perks:
:sparkles: Resources: Discord, Twitter, and more
:books: New Player Guidance: We’ll help you navigate Azeroth
:sunglasses: Chill Vibes: Epic loot is great, but so is enjoying the journey

Join us and let’s make Azeroth history together!

Remember, Happy Questing, Avengers!