AH Goblins Rejoice! Multiboxing is gone!

I come in and undercut everyone all the time. Buy up my product so you can repost it. Not nearly close to thirty thousand, but a few thousand of each mat at times lol, it’s not just multiboxers who mass undercut

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I am so going to under cut people like you even if I take a loss and I don’t MB

Why should only goblins rejoice?!

I disagree. The number of materials needed for a player just supplying themselves can be offset by competent gameplay; now the mats needed for items that supply more than one player… yes, but then you should have help there.

What I do feel is outrageous is to have one mat be soulbound. That narrows down who will be doing the grinding, or locks players who wish to contribute into professions that they didn’t want to level in the first place, in order to leverage the soulbound mats.

That’s my pet peeve, anyway.

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Well, good spunk, but a Goblin has so many more resources to bring to bear - enjoy them purchasing your goods, then marking them up.

Trust me, you find a true Goblin in your market - learn to play with them, or find another market.

They didn’t ban multiboxers at all. Any multiboxer can still take their teams out to gather mats. This will add like 1 second to each node.


It’s hilarious that people act like multiboxers weren’t the ones controlling the entire auction house to begin with. Everybody is just going to pretend that flasks didn’t cost 1.5k-3k for 90% of the expansion.

Because it’s not a free market at all. The market - both supply and demand - are controlled by Blizzard, by creating consumables that are indispensable and require an unreasonable amount of mats, and nerfing the spawn rate of herbs so there can never be enough. The goal is to get people to buy tokens so they can afford to use those consumables.

Spawn rates weren’t nerfed it was the fact that you have druid multiboxing clown cars that can instantly fully harvest the node with a single click and it despawns for everybody else. Nodes either A) Disappear after reaching it’s gather limit or B) After a set amount of time. If somebody is on a route you will never find any nodes. There’s been multiple times this expansion where I’d spend over an hour in Nazjatar and walk away with with less than 20 Zin’anthid while seeing death balls of druids in flight form grabbing everything.

The forums excuse is “hurr they keep the price low because they flood the market!” when anybody with common sense wasn’t doing that. They literally just sell in batches and if the price goes too low they reset the price. If normal players can’t gather they have literally no other option than to buy your herbs.

It wont even matter now though seeing as the clown cars will be banned. Hopefully permanent bans too.

Yes, but it’s a lot easier to buy up your few thousand to flip, or just leaving it to sell quickly before my stash comes up next in line than having to deal with 30k that a multiboxer undercuts with.

If you’re not a multiboxer, I’m happy to buy up your small stack to flip for higher. It’s when I’m faced with the decision to have to buy up an enormous stack in order to either flip and/or have my product come up next in line.

If you undercut by a marginal amount, I’ll just cancel/repost.

Do you mean like Sanguicell and Tidal Cores?

Personally I disagree. Multiboxing, to me, was directly linked to the automation software.

While technically running multiple accounts is still allowed, and yes players will still alt tab/click through each character/account - there will be many players that will just stop because it’s too tedious. The whole point of multiboxing to many people was the efficiency.

In the end, the number of multiboxers is reduced and the supply/demand relationship still ends up with upward pressure on price.

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Or use hardware as was originally use back in the day :man_shrugging:

No. I’m speaking in specific to the main feast raid food. Just causes issues. I hate it with a passion.

As to the other, it does feel wasteful when you have a character that cannot use them, but at least that doesn’t impact a group of people.

“Tis a good day. Tis a good day indeed…”

-Luigi upon hearing Mario was perma-banned for multi-boxing at Toad’s House.

-Luigi closes his ticket.-

Do you guys get this off a list of talking points you have to make?

You sound like you’re unaware that wow can be played in the windowed mode, which allows people to resize window so they fit on their monitors (yeah, amazing that lots of players use multiple monitors, eh? You learn something new every day, I guess).

So nobody at all cycles through multiple full screen instances of wow to randomly find the one they need to do something on.

The fact that so many antiboxers keep repeating this obviously absurd claim just shows how unsophisticated you guys are not to know how windows works.

dude go outside

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It’s common that they multibox - as in they have a 2nd account that does nothing but post/snipe auctions all day while they play the game on their main account.

I believe far fewer actually multibox 3+ accounts, using software to mass farm materials.

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I’ll still undercut you.

You must have missed this post from up above:

Even if you have multiple windows, you have to go to each character now and perform the action for each of them. That takes a lot of the efficiency away and I guarantee you it will be a deal breaker for a bunch of current multiboxers - they’ve already started going to blizzard for refunds on their shadowlands purchase on those additional accounts they’ve been using.

Also - I’m not antimultiboxing. I also stated this up above. I had learned to work around/use multiboxers in the past. But that doesn’t mean them being gone won’t help me.

Lol. They’ll be keeping the materials costs high. It only helps drive time played and token sales.

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