(A/H) Frostmourne <Slay Station> recruiting all!

About us:

We are a freshly created guild with about 10 members at the moment, based in Australia. We are primarily running PvE content such as raids, keys, farming mounts & achievements and hosting other events in discord. Current members are levelling, doing keys (having gotten KSM/KSH) and farming mounts/achievements. We’re also a very friendly social bunch that are always up for helping out our guildies/friends.

What we are looking for/our goals:

Currently we are looking to form our community and roster with a view to be a raiding guild that aims to get AoTC each tier. Our approach will be to learn the raid together as a team. We are after people that are understanding of how fresh our guild is and that it takes some time to fill a guild roster and some teething issues as we navigate it so with that in mind we would love people that are social and are engaging/will engage other members. Until we fill our roster we will host small events, glories etc that are achieveable with a smaller roster, and keys.

Guild rules:

Kindness and positivity are expected.
No begging for anything.
No discrimination of any kind.
Have fun!

GM details:

If you’d like to have a chat/have any questions or want to join -
In game main: Ammarriell-Frostmourne
Discord: bornforgreatness

You should also be able to find the guild in the guild finder :slight_smile: