[A/H] [Frostmourne] - Molecule Guild - Is Recruiting!

Molecule (currently 8/9M) is recruiting for both our CE & AOTC Teams.
Be a part of one of the top guilds on OCE servers full of skilled & friendly players.

Raiding Times:

  • CE Mythic Team W/Th 9p-12 Midnight
  • AotC Team Fri-Sat 9p-12 Midnight
  • All times GMT+8

About us:

  • Our guild focuses mainly on Raiding, but we also have a strong mythic+ community. The guild consist Australian and southeast Asia players. We all speak english and its the language we all use.
  • We have two main raid teams. A Mythic CE team that’s main focus is mythic raid progression and a Heroic AotC team that’s main focus in Heroic raiding and achievements.
  • Everyone is welcome regardless of your prefered game play content. Everyone from casual players, to those pushing the highest mythic keys or players who just wish to raid. Also since cross faction is now in the game, horde players are also welcome.

We are currently recruiting all classes for Season 3 to bolster our teams.

We also have a active M+ community. Visit ‘themoleculecollective . com’ or msg me Meinteil-Frostmourne in-game for more questions or invite.