[A/H] Enhance Shammy LF Raiding Guild

Hello! As the title says I am intending to play cata classic with an enhancement shaman and am looking for a guild to raid with in either 10 or 25 man. Below is my availability listed in Eastern Time (NYC).

Tues: 12pm - 5pm, Wednesday: 8am - 10pm, Thursday: 3pm - 10pm, Friday: 3pm - 10pm, Saturday: N/A, Sunday: 3pm - 10pm, Monday: 3pm - Midnight

Please note. I do not wish to heal.

About Me
I have played wow since early 2007 and started raiding in late Burning Crusade. I have experience in Heroic and retail mythic raiding. I played season 3 DF as a resto druid but have decided to step away as I personally do not like mythic+ dungeon model.

Bnet (Uxan#1444)
Discord (uxan)