[A/H] Discord of the Damned - A Death Knight RP Hub

I am interested as well

A Death Knight RP community! And just in time for Shadowlands on the horizon :slight_smile:

I’ve been curious about getting my DK some RP—it’s been nearly a year since I’ve RPed her consistently, but I’m getting back into the class since it’s looking like a lot of fun in Shadowlands.

I’ll take an invite to the Discord and check it out! Thanks for putting something like this together, Necromar.


Not a problem at all. Welcome, Jadyss. I’ll get you an invite A.S.A.P. Same goes for everyone else who has asked.

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My guild name is old two, I’ve been guildless for 4 months.

Sorry about your thread my guy. Best to just ignore them, we all know they’re a troll. We will skip by those posts no problem! Let’s have you link this thread in the guild and community stickied thread!



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Thanks heaps for the support and the link. I’ll be sure to post something in the link you shared soon.

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Trolls on the forums are a dime a dozen, it’s sad, but blizzard doesn’t care much about community anymore. It’s just the way it is, really.

I’ve thought long and hard about making this post. I don’t say this lightly, and I’m sorry if I’m derailing at all.

I support Necromar in this.

I think all allegations such as those made by Timari should be carefully considered, as this is a serious issue. I actually had the person she is refering to on btag back in Legion, until a couple of friends pointed those same allegations out to me. The person Timari mentions; Annexious, or Lucius, as I knew him back then, has clearly done some gross stuff, and I cut myself off from that as quickly as possible upon finding out what he had done. It was disgusting, and I immediately unfriended the guy on btag, and warned other oceanic RPers I know.

However, I have known Necromar for a while. He is a mod of the oceanic RPers discord, and we’ve spoken ICly and OOCly in the past. I have not received red flags from Necromar. It’s important to note that, as I knew both of them, and had them both on btag at one point (you sorta get to know other Aussie RPers with our weird timezone) I can categorically confirm they are NOT the same person.

Soljeron/Timari on the other hand has been on these forums for the better part of a year, and has spent the entirety of that time bullying other RPers over their character concepts, by pushing their own headcanon-heavy interpretation of the lore on everyone. They have mocked, reviled, shamed and taunted a very large amount of people on this server.

If it comes to a choice between supporting the accusations of a regular server bully, or supporting a fellow I’ve never had issue with, who is only trying to promote better RP… I support the latter. I refuse to condemn Necromar for having shared a guild with a bad person, at some point in time. Necromar also speaks truly when he says he is no longer in that guild ANYWAY. Check out his armory link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/moon-guard/necromar

I encourage everyone who’s interested to give this community a go, and not listen to the accusations of a known server bully, who is throwing them at entirely the wrong person. Necromar is not Lucius, and should not be condemned for simply sharing a guild with the guy for a very brief time.


Shadowlands might be the best thing for DK RP since WotLK.

I’ve got a death knight! I’m interested. My discord is Maley#9209.

Fantastic, mate. I’ll send you the link via Discord as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest.

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Your paladin is showing, Sarestha.
I fully support it.

Necromar, great to see you creating a cool space, I wish you all the success.


I would like an invitation!
discord: wytchcraft#8343
corpse noises

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An invite, please.

Kol, you gotta paste your discord name and number then he’ll find you.

Could you toss me an invite as well? Thanks in advance!

Hey everyone,

To everyone who has asked for a link to the server, first off, welcome. Second, I’ll get you the server link either in-game via mail or whisper, or, if you feel it safe to do so, post your Discord name and I’ll message it to you that way.

Update: I’ve sent out the Discord link to the following people via the methods listed. Do let me know if I’ve missed you.

Koltrad - In-game mail
Corpsemother - In-game mail and Discord message
Maley - In-game mail and Discord message
Jadyss - In-game mail
Naglfar - In-game mail
Plagueghoul - In-game mail
Buliss - In-game mail

See you all there.

What’s the Discord’s rules on targeted harassment?

Thank you for asking, Gaeia.

Simply put, it’s not tolerated in the slightest. All claims of such will always undergo investigation for the sake of fairness for all, but, if it is found that you are harassing others in any way, shape, or form, you’re out. I don’t want a community where people get away with bullying.

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