(A/H) (Dalaran) Returning player LF Guild

Greetings all! Returning player here and I’m looking for a new guild. Have played since WotLK cosistently. Only extended break (1+ yrs) was during WoD until Legion (around the time Nighthold was released). Due to RL issues, I’m finally back after about 8mos. I work odd hours, so my time in game is limited most days and I’m usually online at early morning hours (6-8am CST) except on my days off. I play both factions and have toons of all classes/ roles but prefer tanking on my warriors, paladins or druids. Feel free to DM me for anything more specific. My BNet is DJMelon#1952 and Discord is SubZeroRW#7523. Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon! For Azeroth!!

Two Girls One Squid is recruiting! We are a casual raiding guild looking for friends to play content with. We dabble in raiding and like to run keys and are very social in discord. We have many members and have normal and heroic raid nights. We have a sense of humor and maintain respect among our members. Please pst insynirate or message us in game. We are also in the guild finder. Looking foward to meeting you.