[A/H] <Chaos Story> Recruiting for 10.2!

Chaos Story is recruiting for 10.2! We are a casual PVP, Raiding, and M+ guild. We have achieved AOTC each season this expansion and are accepting any role to help build up our roster. Our raiding schedule is every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 PM to 10 PM Server Time (Central).

We also like to run Rated Battlegrounds and have many members who are involved in high level Arenas and M+. We have an active guild Discord where we post events and friendly competitions.

Respond here or whisper Kubu, Omenx, Hesmore, Sunflwerdawn or I for more information or an invite!


Join us! Raid starts the the 14th

yo,can i join your guild? i haven’t been in a guild fr for two years
PS i transferred recently