[A]/[H] - <Adventurers Anonymous> Casual Guild - Frostmourne/Jubei/Gund/Dread

Greetings Champions!

Adventurers Anonymous, previously known as A’kehl Krystor, has recently changed names in honour of Cross Faction connections, and is in search of fellow Heroes to adventure with in the Dragon Islands and beyond.

We’re a social, casual Guild based on Frostmourne/Jubei’thos/Gundrak/Dreadmaul. Our Founders are Alliance, however with the War behind us we’re excited to expand our expedition team with open arms, regardless of faction! We welcome people from all walks of life, and are LGTBQIA2S+ friendly.

We strive to help achieve the various goals of our members while maintaining a fun gaming experience. Making weekly time to focus on group activities such as leveling, achievements, Mythic+, mog & mount farming, and more.

Those looking for a place where they can quietly enjoy an active Guild are also welcome!

Whether you’re experienced at navigating the ever changing landscape of Azeroth, or a novice explorer, keen for their first adventures on the shores of the Dragon Islands, we welcome you!

Alt friendly, off-meta friendly.

Feel free to message for an invite or further information! :slightly_smiling_face:


Rin Von Kitel#5885


best guild everrr

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Hi there. I’m a ret palading ilvl 407 super casual player (I work so I can’t be on all the time) looking to move my toon back to Frostmourne. What is the time zone you guys work with? I’m GMT+8.

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Hi Soradusk!

We work with GMT +10 timezone (AEST). You’re welcome to join! We’re casual and understand life always comes first, so no frets on being busy.

We’re active, so when you are around there’s usually people online and often things happening you’re welcome to join :slight_smile:

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I am a new player who embarked on their journey in Azeroth just three dawns ago. I am currently at level 25 and seeking a guild that would kindly welcome and guide me as I grow into my adventures. Would your guild be willing to embrace a novice like myself?

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Hey Aeryna!

You’d be absolutely welcome in the Guild. We have plenty who are happy to help (including myself) and you’d be able to join in on Activities and learn through that as well :smiley:

Adventurer’s Anonymous, it has the Lock Rock of Approval.

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Lock rock ‘n’ roll into Adventurers Anonymous :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you suffering from an addiction to Adventure?
Adventurer’s Anonymous is here to help. We won’t help you overcome the addiction but we’ll certainly enable it.

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10.2 is on the horizon, and we’re always looking for more Adventurers to join in our exploration of new content :smiley:

Kruldan digivolve too Unholynight!!!

Adventurer’s Anonymous we make tier sets look goooooooood.

Are you feeling Adventurous?

Anonymous nominations for membership are open now.

To make your nomination or request an invite to our prestigious adventuring guild please follow the steps above and we will take action to help you get into a life of adventure sooner.

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Bumpity bumping :slight_smile:


Returning player after a hiatus from retail (since legion) due to a family expansion but back into it now as I have some free time.

Have since found out that Nagrand is now dead and am planning to move my toons over to Frostmourne.

This thread seems like it has some amazing people in it so guessing the guild does too!

Not sure what activities you all do but i’d love to get into some casual raiding / dungeons as well as just having a nice group of people to play with.

Would love to hear back!

Should mention to Lyra, have added you BNET tag.

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I responded on B Net but I’ll respond here as well :slight_smile: Thanks for the message!

During the Season we usually casually Raid once a week at 8PM SVT for a few hours, starting in Normal and progging into Heroic. We are very casual on the Raid front, and generally only down a few bosses on Heroic as a Guild.

With Dungeons we have an assortment of pushers! Some push KSM every season, some KSH, some 3k IO and beyond, and some just super casually. There’s a ton of support for learning and progging as well!

And we also do a “Casual” Guild Activity once every two weeks on Saturdays at 8 SVT (it’s just as much as my schedule allows for commitment wise atm, since I head that). Mog runs, achievement runs, mount runs etc. Whatever anyone is feeling!

Right now things are a tad on the quiet side as the Season is at it’s ending point, but we do pick up and maintain an active Guild through the majority of the Seasons historically so we should see more members returning very soon! :slight_smile:

The adventurers you deserve, and the adventurers you need. Also at least one hunter so you know we’re gonna break raid mechanics and call it skill.

Best guild around just ask me and my alt army.

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