[A/H] 12/12 H Combat Rogue LF Cata Team

As the title says, I’m a longtime Rogue player looking for a squad for Cataclysm Classic. I played during real Cata, so I know what to expect.

Ideally I’ll either transfer my current Rogue from Whitemane or I’ll reroll fresh on the 30th. Down for either Horde or Alliance. [[Raid Logs from H ICC available upon request, or can simply search for me on Wlogs.]]

Prefer to raid between Monday and Thursday, no later than Midnight EST. I’d also prefer to run with a 10 man squad, as I just find it more enjoyable than 25.

Happy to run and raid during the prepatch as well.

If you are interested, please reach out via [discord - tristnal] or via [battletag - Tristnal#11267]

Also down to play alts if a team wants to run an alt squad for fun.